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Drawer Lock

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Locks are important for not only doors but also drawers of cabinets and wardrobes. There are a lot of valuable things which you store in drawers such as money, important documents, pieces of jewelry, etc. Thus, it is important that no one gets access to the drawers easily. A drawer lock serves this purpose well. There are some common types of drawer locks available in the market which are widely preferred by carpenters and manufacturers of cabinets and wardrobes.

Deadbolt Lock

Deadbolt table drawer lock has a cylinder which operates a bolt. The bolt moves and locks the drawer when the key is entered inside the lock and turned. Deadbolt locks are widely used for external doors but are also highly suitable for drawers. The key is removable in both locked and unlocked position.

Combination Lock

Combination lock or number lock for drawer has a single dial or multiple dials containing numbers. The discs attached to the rotating dial or dials locks and unlocks the drawer after a certain number combination is achieved by turning the dials. In a single dial combination lock, one number dial interacts with all the discs through a spindle. The spindle turns the discs when the dial is operated. In case of a multiple dial combination lock, there are multiple dials which need to be set to the correct number combinations so that the discs get aligned correctly to lock and unlock the drawer.

Digital version of combination lock is also available in the market. In case of combination digital drawer lock, there is a keypad in which you need to enter the correct number, letter or symbol sequence to lock and unlock the drawer. Digital drawer lock is commonly used for safes, lockers and other highly secure storage places.

Multi Drawer Lock

A multi drawer lock locks many drawers by a single locking mechanism. Such locks are commonly used in filing cabinets having multiple drawers. Cast cam which projects from the base of the lock housing operates the locking mechanism. A front multi drawer lock is available in many models with capacity ranging from 3-5 and more drawers. Removable barrel system is present in some models of multi drawer lock. This means that the barrel can be removed and replaced if the keys are lost without causing any kind of damage to the lock.

Cam Lock

Cam lock has a cylindrical base and a cam made of metal which is present in perpendicular position to the base. When the key is inserted into the keyhole and rotated, the metal cam moves in or out of a slot in the drawer to lock or unlock it. Cam locks for cabinets and smaller type of storage compartments come in a plethora of styles. They are very easy to install but are usually not used for securing drawers containing highly expensive items because they are not very sturdy.

Biometric Lock

Highly secure access control is enabled by modern biometric drawer lock. This is a keyless drawer lock which uses fingerprints to unlock the drawer. Thus, it can also be called fingerprint lock for drawer. This type of lock either uses electrical power from a nearby source or can have in-built batteries to power it. A fingerprint drawer lock can save hundreds of fingerprints in its memory depending upon the model. The fingerprint reader scans your fingerprint and unlocks the drawer only if the fingerprint matches one of the sets of fingerprints stored in its memory. This type of lock is suitable for drawers used to store sensitive materials and can only be accessed by authorised people.

Drawer Lock Price List

Drawer LockPrice
Godrej 20 mm Curvo Drawer Lock
Rs. 343
Godrej 20 mm Pin Cylinder Drawer Lock
Rs. 248
Godrej 5 Lever Cam Lock for Drawers & Cabinets
Rs. 181
Godrej Universal Drawer Cupboard Lock (75 mm)
Rs. 339
Godrej Popular Multipurpose Furniture Lock for Drawers & Wardrobes
Rs. 117
Godrej New Multi Purpose Furniture Lock with Reversible Key for Drawers & Wardrobes
Rs. 165
Godrej 25 mm Pin Cylinder Drawer Lock
Rs. 275

The drawer lock prices depend upon the type of mechanism of the lock, the size, strength, brand and other additional features which provide extra security. In case of deadbolt drawer lock, the cylinder height, dead bolt size and number of dead bolts determine its price. The type of finish such as stainless steel finish also play an important role in deciding the price. In case of combination lock, the drawer lock price depends upon the number of dials, number of code combinations, and presence of master key to override the code in case of emergency and other security features. The material of the dials such as chrome, zinc alloy, etc. which resists rusting and general wear and tear also contribute to the final price of the lock. Digital combination drawer locks having keypads to enter the codes are priced more as compared to conventional combination locks. Multi drawer lock price depends upon the number of drawers it can lock, size of the locking pins, material, finish and other features.

Biometric drawer locks cost much more than other kinds of drawer locks because of modern technology used in them. The price depends upon various factors such as type of power source such as battery or electrical outlet, the capacity of its memory to store fingerprint records, time to scan and other features. The tamper proof nature of biometric drawer locks which provides extra security is also a major reason for its high price. The installation of biometric lock requires the services of a trained professional because it is a delicate work and needs to be done professionally.

Brand also determines the price of the drawer lock. Reputed brands such as link drawer lock, Godrej drawer lock, Armstrong drawer lock, etc. cost more as compared to lesser known brands but their quality is much more superior as compared to others.

The price factors need to be kept in mind when you want to buy drawer lock.

Where to purchase?

You can choose to buy online drawer lock because there is no dearth of online stores offering huge collections of all kinds of drawer locks at affordable prices. Most of the online stores offering drawer lock India stock the best brands available in the market. Entire details of the locks are listed for convenience of customers. The major advantage of online stores is that you get the lock delivered right at your doorstep. It is important to ensure that the lock brand has ISO 9001:2008 or other relevant certification.