What Are the Different Types of Handles and Where to Use?

By: | December 16 , 2022

Often when it comes to interiors and decors, you probably end up ignoring the importance of handles. Be it your doors, windows, and drawers, without their support; you cannot use such objects. These hand grips can be of various materials such as wood, steel, and glass, and can be used in your space, according to the interiors. However, certain factors must be kept in mind while choosing one, such as Mechanism, Convenience, and Material.

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What are the Different Types of Handles?

1# Door Handle

Just framing up a stylish door won’t help, and this is the reason that one needs to install a door handle. Choosing it for a door or a doorknob might seem quite easy, but it plays a crucial role and also gives an impression about the individual to the visitors. Over time, the picture has changed a lot, and all the door grips do not look the same anymore. Now, there is a lot of variety, and thus, one gets the scope to choose the ideal one that would go with space.

Where to Use Door handles?

Keeping aside the fact that these are made for doors, their various usages can be evaluated. You need to understand the fact that there is a difference between the doorknobs and the door handles, which calls for citing the areas.

  • Entrance or Exits – The entrances or exits of your space is the most important area which gazes significant attention. However, it becomes impossible to keep an eye on the porch and keep in view whoever comes in. Thus, the need for a door grip arises, which can be kept bolted when not in use, and can be easily unbolted when someone comes in or goes out.
  • Bedrooms – The bedroom is one of the most critical spaces in the whole house and thus calls for extra privacy. To ensure that nobody gets in the bedroom during your own time, you need to install it.
  • Bathrooms – Just like bedrooms, your bathrooms also demand similar privacy, and thus you need to keep it bolted and locked when in use. However, the one for the bathroom door must be a convenient one, which can be easily unbolted.
  • Closets – The closets or the walk-in passage of the space need to be kept bolted, too, to ensure complete security. As you might need to use them frequently, so instead of locking and unlocking them, you can bolt them up using a door handle.
  • Decors – Lastly, they can be used just for decor purposes too. Nowadays, there are ample designs that are installed only for beautification purposes and add an aesthetic touch to the interiors of your space.

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2# Aluminum Door Handle

Aluminum ones are one of the most commonly used around the world due to their cost-effective point. They are very cheap and are readily available and are very light-weight as well. Such pieces are, however, not too sturdy and are thus ideal for the rooms and bathrooms.

3# UPVC Door Handle

They come with a pull handle, and its mechanism allows a lock and key facility, which ensures better security. You can avail such designs in plastic material or can also get it in a glazed metal coating, and both would look top-notch. You can install it in your bedroom door or for your closet, as it will ensure security and privacy.

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4# Glass Door Handles

These are one of the most sturdier ones that you will find and, at the same time, will also add a lot of glamour and standard to space. These are usually long metal bolted designs that come in various shapes and are attached to the glass doors with the help of air suction or vacuum.

1# Window Handle

Brought to existence for convenience and ease, they have catered benefits to human lives. Just like the door handles, the window ones too ensure security and privacy, and thus, certain factors must be considered while choosing one such. You must first consider the size of your window as it would help you evaluate your further needs. Next, comes the location of the window. Suppose, if it is a window inside a room and is guarded by a wall outside, then it probably does not need much security compared to a roadside open window.

Where to Use Window Handles?

Even though such window pieces won’t bankrupt you, it will still cost you a sum of your savings, which you have earned with your hard work. Thus, you need to make certain wise investment decisions when it comes to choosing the windows, which would require handles.

Roadside Window

If you have a window that is located by the roadside and can be seen directly by the people passing by, then you must consider it.

Kitchen window

If you have an open window in the kitchen just in front of your cooking cabinet, it might be affected by winds and dust. So, having a window handle will allow you to close the window instantly.

Bedroom window

Bedroom is a space where one seeks privacy. So, if you have a window, which gives out the view of your bedroom, then having such a window mechanism can make it convenient to close it whenever you want to.

2# Aluminum window handle

They are one of the most commonly seen ones and are cost-effective as well. They allow a comfortable grip on the window panes and can be installed just by drilling in the screws. These are usually installed in the kitchen windows because when it comes to cleaning, it can be done quickly.

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3# UPVC Window Handle

They are the sturdier ones and also come with more security and offer privacy. The particular window mechanism comes with a lock and key mechanism and can be kept locked with just a twist. These are ideal to be installed on the bedroom windows and in the drawing rooms as well.

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So, go ahead and try your hands on all the different types of door knob available in the market! We hope that all these details will help you make an informed decision when it comes to purchasing the right set of handles for your space.

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