Active Fire Protection vs. Passive Fire Protection?

By: | May 20 , 2022

Active Fire Protection and Passive Fire Protection systems are fire safety systems used in a building so as to protect a building during fire.

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Active Fire Protection includes systems that require some motion like manual fire extinguishers, sprinkler systems, alarm systems, Fire engines and fire fighters to put out the fire.

Passive Fire Protection includes a fire resistant building with cautious use of materials that are fire resistant. This is done by compartmentalizing the building into smaller fragments or pockets. In case of fire the fire is confined within a small area. Fire stopping materials, fire doors are used which prevent the spread of smoke and fire.   Dampers open automatically to allow passage of smoke so that there is visibility and the occupants have a safe and quick evacuation.

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Active Fire Systems are not totally dependable as in the event of a fire they might not perform in the way they should. There are chances that the sprinklers might not perform efficiently; there may be blockage in the water supply pipes or low water pressure. Hence Active and Passive fire systems must work in tandem to ensure safety of the occupants and the building.

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