Advantages of Corner Windows

By: | August 05 , 2022

Look in the corner look at the bend, There is a window, right at the end A corner is staid A corner is pleasant Trusting your feelings Right at the end… Trickling light From my very own window Hapless vision of lightening birds I bend over my book With light all around me I envy the sun ( so pleased with himself)

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Windows define the style of your home. Be it traditional or modern. Different kinds of windows also make the construction process very challenging. Corner windows are placed in a corner of the house or say the living room or a kitchen or a bedroom.
In this picture, the large window is placed in a corner of the living room. Two meetings at right angles. The beautiful opulence of the room is because of the light streaming in. Nothing can parallel this meeting of the man and the natural godhead.
The special lintel has to be cast over the window opening. The jamb post of the window, at the extreme corner, is again made of a heavier section.

Thus, corner windows give undisturbed light and a view of the pleasant or exotic outdoors and visibility, especially if the openings are the full height of the room. The corner must also be water-tight to prevent seepage.

 Corner Windows

Now let`s go through a few advantages

  • Provide light and ventilation from the directions which are at right angles to each other providing a kind of uniform lighting all through the day.
  • It becomes an architectural feature and improves the elevation of the home.
  • Windows give a very inviting and appealing feel to the house.
  • Provides a panoramic view of the outside world. It becomes a threshold betwixt the outside world and the indoors especially if you have the high mountains or a forest scape or a lovely garden surrounding your house.
  • It adds to the aesthetics of the interior scape.
  • It is suitable for any space needing day lighting. It is most important for the living area, kitchen, dining area, or study. Some more….
    It brings interest to the room. Could even become its focal point.. You can put glazing bars or choose a more modern look by omitting glazing bars. It gives a vast appearance to the room.
  • It’s a very stylish design feature. Both from the inside and the outside. It can fit into the architecture of any kind of building.
  • The office buildings can become very pleasing, with the view outside to please the senses as you trudge and then it doesn`t drudge and then you don`t hold a grudge workwise….The office becomes less suffocating…
  • They save space, allowing more to be placed in the room without blocking windows.
  • When the windows are opened oxygen flows into the room. You hear the chatter of the birds and the rustling trees as the wind brushes past.
  • Closed windows can be curtained and the curtains can be closed if you need a stiff office atmosphere and opened to streak in light as per your choice and need.
  • For cleaning use the correct cleaning agents. A half-day can go into cleaning.
  • Use clean water, dishwashing liquid, and a splash of vinegar, and finish off with a wiping cloth.
  • So here was brief on corner windows. A cornerstone in research for you that you could read over breakfast considering certain family constraints and solutions. Take good care of yourself!!

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