All Types Of uPVC Doors And Their Key Features

By: | March 21 , 2024
All Types Of UPVC Doors And Their Key Features

Despite its longevity and durability, it is only in recent years that uPVC (Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride), has earned popularity as one of the top building materials in the era of construction and architectural industry. Owing to its fascinating benefits and aesthetic appeal, effortless maintenance, robustness, and durability, uPVC is extensively used across a comprehensive range of industries. uPVC can not only make your doors and windows multi-functional but also improve your overall aesthetic appearance.

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This is what we are going to consider here. In this blog, we are going to discuss diverse types of uPVC doorstheir benefits, and their key features, showcasing their modern functionality and versatility. So what are you yet waiting for? Let’s consider it!

What Are uPVC Doors?

uPVC (Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride) doors are one of the most preeminent door choices, made of the durable, robust, and sturdy material called Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride.

Once again, uPVC doors and uPVC windows are renowned for their easy maintenance, energy efficiency, durability, low maintenance cost, and more. Due to these fascinating benefits, they are extensively used across a wide array of industries. Besides their functional features and qualities, they are also used as interior doors or exterior doors. Most people may think that uPVC doors may only be white or off-color, but this might be a wrong assumption.

They offer a comprehensive range of modern designs, styles, and finishes. All thanks to the experienced, well-versed, and professional uPVC door manufacturers all across the globe.

Different Types of uPVC Doors:

  1. uPVC Front Doors
  2. uPVC Sliding Doors
  3. uPVC Patio Doors
  4. uPVC French Doors
  5. uPVC Bi-Fold Doors
  6. uPVC Composite Doors
  7. uPVC Stable Doors
  8. uPVC Panel Doors
  9. uPVC Double Glazed Doors
  10. uPVC Flush Doors

1. uPVC Front Doors:

uPVC Front Doors

Perfect for improving the entrance of your homes, offering durability, robustness, and overall security.

2. uPVC Sliding Doors:

UPVC Sliding Doors

uPVC sliding doors are a space-efficient option that is ideal for areas with limited room for door swings.

3. uPVC Patio Doors:

UPVC Patio Doors

Offer easy and seamless access to the outdoors improving ventilation, natural light, and views.

4. uPVC French Doors:

UPVC French Doors

uPVC French doors are the elegant and conventional option that adds a touch of aesthetics to any space.

5. uPVC Bi-fold Doors:

UPVC Bi Fold Doors

Make a stunning and aesthetically pleasing transition between indoor and outdoor living spaces with their folding design.

6. uPVC Composite Doors:

UPVC Composite Doors

Combines uPVC doors with other materials for improved strength, insulation, and security.

7. uPVC Stable Doors:

UPVC Stable door

Feature a parallel split design, ensuring ventilation, light views, and maintaining security.

8. uPVC Panel Doors:

UPVC Panel Doors

Versatile window choices are available in diverse window frame designs and configurations to meet every unique style.

9. uPVC Double Glazed Doors:

UPVC Double Glazed-Doors

Provide superior and excellent thermal insulation and soundproofing features for improved comfort and convenience.

10. uPVC Flush Doors:

UPVC Flush Doors

Modern-day and sleek design with a smooth surface that complements overall appearance and interior design.

Where To Buy Quality uPVC Doors?

When it comes to purchasing high-quality and top-notch uPVC doors within budget and on time, count on Mccoy Mart. our end destination for hiring the best of the best uPVC.

Key Features Of uPVC Doors:

  • DurableuPVC doors are renowned for their durability, robustness, and low maintenance. Their exceptional durability and other features, make them a popular choice over other door brand choices all across India.
  • Energy EfficientuPVC doors are renowned for their energy efficiency owing to their significant benefits such as sustainability, eco-consciousness, comfortable living environment, resistance to heat and weather, etc.
  • Low maintenanceIt is seamless to maintain robust and study uPVC doors. When they get messy and dirty, you can effortlessly wipe the dirt off with a common household cleaner or any choice.
  • Space efficientuPVC doors are space-saving which means they do not take up so much space. They are perfect for more complex and small spaces. That means they can be utilized in both residential and commercial spaces. 


Q-1. What are uPVC Doors?
A-1. uPVC doors are the type of modern-day doors made of unplasticized polyvinyl chloride, a type of plastic, rigid and hard material. uPVC does not contain plasticizers, making them a durable, robust, and suitable material for producing doors.

Q-2. What are the benefits of uPVC Doors?
A-2. uPVC doors offer a comprehensive range of benefits such as durability, corrosion resistance, long-lasting performance, low-cost maintenance, healing and cooling costs reduction, space efficiency, aesthetically pleasing and modern doors, etc.

Q-3. What are the types of uPVC Doors?
A-3. There are several types of uPVC (unplasticized polyvinyl chloride) doors such as front doors, sliding doors, french doors, bi-fold doors, etc.

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