Best High-Speed Table Fan Brands in India

By: | September 30 , 2022
Table Fans Brands in India

The year 2020 is already throwing its beams of scorching heat towards you, and to get through it, a table fan becomes the need of the hour. But not any would do the job, and thus, we suggest opting for a high-speed one.

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As everyone can’t get the reach of an air-conditioner, and so these high-speed machinery come affordable. Unlike those attached to the ceilings, the table ones work incredibly well and provide you with direct airflow towards a particular area, thus giving relief from the heat.

However, many such brands have come up in the market with a variety of products. And that can make it tricky for customers like you to make a choice. But don’t worry as we have got you covered here by suggesting some of the best brands.

    1. Havells

Havells table fan

Havells: Summers can be frustrating if you do not get enough airflow, and to expect such air delivery from a pedestal or a ceiling fan, can go in vain.

Thus, having one on the table comes as urgency, and who can provide it better than Havells? Since the last eight decades, Havells has understood the need of the hour crisis of consumers, and have never failed to meet their expectations.

They believe in delivering significant changes through small innovation; thus, undoubtedly, the Havells table fan high-speed is packed with top-notch features and outstanding technological features.

Though quite small in size, they can come with the best spot circulation air feature. Besides, it doesn’t remain stationary all the time, and you can avail of the oscillating feature in case you need it.

Also, it works great as a kitchen exhaust and can help you get rid of all the smoke. If that wasn’t enough for you, take a look at its design. The lightweight and compact design allow you to get a hold of it alone and makes it easily portable.

    1. Usha

Usha table fan

Usha: Every home has a Usha fan – yes, that is how it has built up a decades-long relationship with us. But the only thing that has kept Usha close to our hearts is that it is ever-changing.

With time, it has modified itself and developed its features to meet human beings’ ever-evolving needs. The Usha table fan high-speed scores high when it comes to performance, and airflow.

What makes it different is it’s Aerodynamically Designed Semi-Transparent Blade and an oil reservoir lubrication feature, that ensures that it can give an even air distribution, and does not produce any noise with rough blade sounds.

No matter what the speed is, Usha’s product is noise-free unlike its competitors in the market. Usha’s best part about the whole range is its oscillation and convenient tilting features that allow the circulation of air in a specific space.

Besides, Usha understands its responsibility to cater to the needs of the mass, without outreaching the budget and compromising the quality. Thus, it has come up with such innovative products from different price ranges.

    1. D.Light

table fan D.Light

D.Light: Another brand that has consistently been able to upgrade its quality and has catered to everyone’s needs is D.light.

It is the best energy-efficient product on the market. Talking of the D.light table fan high speed, the most significant achievement to date is its solar rechargeable high-speed table fan.

Unlike others, it does not need electricity to safeguard you from the heat. Instead, it only requires the solar energy to charge itself and give an uninterrupted airflow.

It comes with a 5-blade mechanism that ensures easier wind throw, which provides smooth oscillation in every direction. The built-in LED light is great too and can give you excellent service while working or studying.

The 6+ buttons provided with it allow smooth operation, and its lightweight body makes it an easily portable option. The best part about this table fan is that, once you purchase it, there’s no more investment.

Thinking of where you can avail the one among these best high-speed table fan brands in India? McCoymart is there to help you out! They have the world’s best brands and rest assured that you will never regret the purchase!

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