Best Sanitary Ware Brands to Refurbish your Bathrooms

By: | October 04 , 2022
Sanitary Ware Brands

Bathrooms are one of the most underappreciated, but crucial, sections of our homes. A pleasant bathroom is essential for reviving and rejuvenating oneself after a hard day at work. Unfortunately, many individuals do not pay attention to their restrooms, which can cause discomfort and annoyance. Sanitary ware has a significant impact on the pleasantness and aesthetic of your bathrooms.

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Sanitary ware products like water closets, faucets, shower and bath goods, and washbasins add a whole new touch to your bathroom design and style. So, to make your bathroom appealing and beautiful there are several Sanitaryware brands that offer a wide range of bathroom fitting equipment.

When it comes to sanitary ware brands, you will be overwhelmed by the number of options. However, for your convenience, we have selected a few. We recommend Eauset, Cera, Duravit, Parryware, Milano, and Prayag as the Best sanitary ware brands as they manufacture high-quality products that span the entire range of bathroom fixtures.

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  • Eauset

  • Cera

  • Duravit

  • Parryware

  • Milano

  • Prayag


Eauset sanitary

Eauset is one of India’s top brands in comprehensive bathroom products as they offer a magnificent selection of faucets, showers, urinals, and other bathroom items. They have placed themselves in the forefront of developing cutting-edge and fashionable solutions. They create their bathroom and hardware equipment using a combination of exceptional quality, cutting-edge technology, and superior aesthetics that will give your bathroom a spectacular makeover.


  • Eauset creates attractive bathroom solutions to improve the appearance of your homes and offices.
  • They provide high-quality bathroom fixtures at an affordable price, making it an ideal solution to improve your lifestyle.


best Cera sanitray

Cera is one of the fastest-growing bathing fixtures brands in India. They offer a comprehensive variety of products like urinals, washbasins, seat covers, water closets, and cisterns. They are also well-known for their Vitreous China Sanitary Ware, Chrome Plated Fittings and Taps, Showers, Bathtub, Jacuzzi, Wash Basins, Kitchen Sinks, and Vitrified Floor, and Wall Tiles.


  • Cera bathroom fittings and fixtures are constructed of stainless steel, so there will be no corrosion. All of their products are designed to last for a long period of time.
  • Their sanitary ware products are quite easy to clean and maintain which makes them convenient.


duravit sanitary online

Duravit is a top-class sanitary ware brand that strives to create creative bathroom solutions. Their bathroom fitting equipment incorporates substantial innovation, comfort-enhancing technology, and top quality materials. It produces console basins, sinks, urinals, toilets, shower trays, bathtubs, and bidets for high-end consumers, making it an ideal method to improve the look of your bathroom. Duravit’s sophisticated but elegant products improve the comfort of daily bathroom use.


  • Duravit is recognised for intuitive solutions that are stylish, useful, pleasant, and long-lasting.
  • Their rimless design prevents bacteria buildup, resulting in a more efficient water flow and a simpler cleaning process.


parryware sanitray online

Parryware is one of the country’s top sanitaryware manufacturers. Parryware products may now be seen in a variety of settings, including hotels and high-end residences. They sell faucets, bathroom mirrors, pumps, wash basins, cisterns, seat covers, and a variety of other items. Their modern bathroom accessories deliver unique and ultra-modern designs to your bathroom spaces which are quite appealing to the urban and dynamic lifestyle.


  • Their bathroom hardware is constructed with the finest accuracy and care, making it exceptionally robust and resistant to water damage.
  • The sleek appearance of these fixtures makes them suitable for use in a variety of bathrooms.


Milano Sanitary online

Milano works hard to provide an unrivaled selection of premium sanitary ware products. They provide a full range of bath solutions, including luxury faucets, rain showers, bathroom accessories, vanity & mirror, electric water heaters, etc. Milano is known to offer trendy designs and products that improve their customers’ bathroom experiences. This brand specialises at research and innovation, beautiful design, and providing an outstanding warranty on its products. They also incorporated cutting-edge technology in their bathroom accessories that save water.


  • They are built with an exquisite and luxury touch that complements the décor of all bathrooms.
  • The high-quality chrome plating method used in their goods makes the surface of bathroom equipment bright and crisp.


best prayag sanitary

Prayag has a large selection of bathroom equipment. They specialise in the production of sanitary items with excellent temperature stability and a flawless finish. Their anti-corrosive and rust-free products are long-lasting and will not degrade. They are created with high-quality materials and unrivalled coating to give attractive and smart solutions for keeping the bathroom stylish. They also have a mirror finish to improve the appearance of your bathroom for years to come.


  • These bathroom accessories are strong and compact in design, allowing for simple installation even in tiny places.
  • Their items are available in a variety of styles, shapes, and finishes to complement the environment and décor of the bathrooms.

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