Corian vs. Laminate

By August 23 , 2019

Corian and Laminate are extensively used to create counter tops and in various interior finishes.

Difference Between Corian and Laminate Countertops

the characteristics that set them apart are –

  • Laminate is a finishing material applied on Plywood, MDF or any kind of composite wooden panel. Corian is a strong and homogeneous material made from acrylic resins and aluminium trihydrate.
  • Laminate is available in standard sizes; whenever the panels are joined the joint is visible. Corian can be joined together by creating a seamless joint free finish.
  • Both Corian and laminate are heat resistant.
  • Corain and laminate can be scratched. In Corian, any scratch can be sanded and it can restore its original form. In laminate the scratches are permanent.
  • Laminate can get chipped and becomes irrepairable while Corian is a very strong and durable material which is resistant to chipping.
  • Corian is more expensive, stronger and more durable than laminate.
  • Laminate is available from 0.6mm to 1.5mm thickness while Corian is available in 6mm, 12mm and 19mm thickness.
  • Corian can be converted into fluid design forms while laminate can only be used as a top surface of wood ply-board, MDF or composite wood panels.
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