Blinds vs. Curtains

By: | September 28 , 2022

Curtains and Blinds are available in various options and designs to dress windows. One can easily choose between the two however the features that distinguish them from each other are –

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Comparison between Curtains and Blinds

  • Blinds are space saving and as per dimensions of the window can be fitted into them hence making them ideal space savers for small homes. Curtains are free flowing and comparatively take more space than the blinds as they protrude beyond the window.
  • Blinds are controlled manually with a cord or string or they could be automatic being controlled with a remote control. Hence Blinds have to be handled very carefully such that the string does not break while opening or closing.Curtains are usually heavy drapes and are controlled manually and are comparatively maintenance free.
  • Blinds along with their operating device are more expensive than curtains.
  • Blinds are very accurate when it comes to shading and does not allow penetration of light however curtains allow filteration of light from the sides and the central gap.
  • Slatted blinds are easy to clean with a cloth but other blinds have to be removed individually before washing. This becomes a cumbersome process. Curtains are easier to clean and put back on the windows.

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