6 Types of LED Lights That Can Revamp the Overall Look of Your Space!

By: | March 29 , 2023
Types of LED Lights

LED lights are a unique type of equipment. They are durable, energy-efficient, and produce a minimal amount of heat. Also, they aren’t built from fragile elements such as glass tubes and are safer as they don’t contain lead or mercury. LED Bulbs consume around 90% lesser energy when compared to halogen or incandescent bulbs, which come with the same brightness.

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These devices can be used to create a great effect at home and are also pleasant to the eye. They don’t create any unnecessary irritation, and they can be easily adjusted to any household.

If you’re looking to switch to a more environmental-friendly option, then LEDs are the way forward and a wise choice keeping the future in mind.

Here are the different types –

#1 Ceiling LED Lights

The availability of technology and smart lighting has led to the evolution of LED lighting technology. The Ceiling LED Lights are an exponent of that innovation, allowing for easier vision in rooms, and come with a set of advantages –

  • Lifespan – Most LED Lights come with a lifespan of around 1,00,000 hours, making it 3 to 4 times longer-lasting than your average fluorescent bulb. It also comes with low maintenance costs, making it a great long-term choice.
  • Efficiency in energy – Most LEDs don’t require much electricity in comparison to other lighting solutions. Most LED Bulbs consume 25 to 40% of power compared to other bulbs.
  • Small Size – Most LED Bulbs are small in size and offer a great deal of adaptability and look to your ceiling.
  • Environment-friendly – Most fluorescent bulbs pose an environmental concern due to the presence of mercury. You must know how to handle bulbs properly to ensure there are no harmful impacts on the environment.

2# LED FootLights

These come in different designs and forms and are a modern form of lighting. They are fashionable and advanced and come with dust-free and shiny finishes. Most of the LED footlights come with UV-protected polycarbonate which is preferred to keep many light switches elegant and classy.

Footlights come with a great deal of illumination and are energy-efficient as well. They have high durability and are ideal for lighting parks, playgrounds and stadiums owing to their eco-friendly nature.

They come with advantages including –

  • Ease of installation – They are easy to install as they come with a simple mechanism to place in any household or office
  • Eco-friendly – Most footlights come with lumens that do not harm the environment, making them for great additions to any home.

3# LED Panel Lights

LED Panel lights provide an excellent option for a bright office or home. They are eco-friendly and can make any space look stylish. These can be fitted on walls or surfaces to provide optimal lighting at any time.

They can brighten up spaces while also coming in a wide variety of sizes, colors, and more to make your experience more pleasant and fun.

Here are some of the benefits –

  • The panel lights can be used to brighten up a home with quality reflective panels that add an element of brightness and provide enhanced luminance.
  • The designs are flexible and are one of the more prominent benefits of LED Lights. Whether it’s for homes or offices, they can be properly designed. Based on the requirement, these panel lights can also be molded into different shapes as well.
  • LED Lights also come with durability as they come with hard components that make it last for longer. The life span is long, and they have the potential to last for many years if used judiciously every day.
  • There is less heat dissipation as well, which means they consume less electricity and ensure you don’t feel uncomfortable standing directly below.

4# LED Spot Lights

These are lights that come with tiny openings so that they create an almost spot-like effect when they are used. They are available for both outdoor and indoor lighting purposes and can be placed on walls, corners of houses, ceilings, and even above furniture.

Many benefits come with LED Spotlights:

  • Most LED Spotlights are energy-efficient and consume less energy. It can also save a lot on utility bills and emit less amount of heat.
  • They are generally eco-friendly and can be recycled, reducing the overall carbon footprint.
  • These lights also respond super fast without any delay or flicker when it is turned on immediately.
  • As there is zero UV emission, they are safe and also come in vibrant colors that are available in a variety of options.

5# LED Tube Lights

LED Tube lights also come with a wide variety of applications and are one of the most commonly used options. Owing to their ease of installation and range of use, they can be purchased at any outlet.

Here are some of the advantages –

  • Versatile Use – Most tube lights can be used for many applications, which include convenience. They can be used as a perfect fit for every room in the house. Irrespective of the place, you can use them for additional benefits.
  • Longevity – While most traditional incandescent bulbs require replacement often, LED Lights can last for years. They last ten times longer than incandescent bulbs. These lights can illuminate any room with ease.

6# LED-Wall Lights

LED-Wall lights are one of the best additions to any household or room as they can be easily installed and come in a wide range of styles. You can choose them to match any theme, and they will fit in accordingly as well.

The benefits include –

  • Energy savings – Small LED wall lights lower energy consumption as they use much lesser energy compared to incandescent ones.
  • Improved quality of lighting – The wall LED lights can be offered for enhanced solutions. They come with a better Correlated Colour Temperature and Colour Rendering Index as well, which can reveal the color in your house better.

Thus, with the addition of LED lights to your residences and offices, you will be able to live a more sustainable and environment-friendly life with enhanced lighting options.

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