Different Types of Wood for Doors

By: | July 27 , 2022

Your choice of wooden door is essential since it might affect sound management, temperature regulation, and installation depending on the material used. Most timber, bamboo, or other materials used to make them are classified as either hardwoods or softwoods. We shall look at the many options that will be discussed here.

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Wood Door Material Types:

Solid Wood: They are a common choice for external gates because they have a long history of being high-quality and durable. It should be painted or polished when utilized on the exterior of your house to prevent sun damage.

Hollow Core: These are solely manufactured for interior usage and have a hard frame or shell with a paper board or plastic core. The use of the six-panel hollow core door in constructing contemporary homes is quite prevalent.

Solid Core: It often contains a composite core, such as Masonite or particleboard, coated in a better-quality veneer. In terms of internal gates, these are considered more costly.

Types of Wood For Doors :

  1. Alder: The most common type used for interior interiors is unquestionably alder. It has a lovely crimson undertone that frequently gets stronger with age. The smooth grain makes it incredibly pliable, which is one of the reasons it is the material of choice for furniture manufacturers worldwide.

Advantages of Alder Wood

  • It is a durable material with the beauty and features of pine.
  • It is one of the most affordable solutions for doors.
  • Alder has a nice finish since it can be smoothed by sanding.
  1. Poplar: Poplar is a resilient, light, and sturdy material. It is employed in producing cabinets, toys, paper, and other materials. It is frequently utilized to create sturdy furniture and frames due to its excellent workability and availability. This is a fantastic option with a wide range of applications.

Advantages of Poplar Wood

  • Paint (oil-based or latex) adheres to this quite effectively.
  • Poplar is a very user-friendly material. It reacts nicely to both hand and machine tools.
  • It is commonly used to make little ornamental things.
  1. Cedar: Cedar is used for making high-quality home furnishings. Its various distinguishing characteristics set it apart from other timbers. It has a beautiful look. It is fragrant and naturally insect-repellent material, making your entrances even more appealing. It is used for higher weather and exterior applications due to its endurance.

Advantages of Cedar Wood

  • High temperatures could be easier to endure.
  • Depending on the cedar species, it is available for low and premium prices.
  • It has excellent workability.
  1. Red Oak: An excellent timber for making home furnishing products is red oak. It is frequently related to furniture like a dining table, workplace desk, or cabinets. Red oak is an excellent material for interior gates because of its strong shock resistance. Red oaks have a definite red tint, a rough texture, and big open pores.

Advantages of Red Oak

  • It is easy to finish and stain without blotching.
  • Sanding is easy as long as you use a pad or block.
  • The wide grain pattern and design of this material are unique and natural.
  1. Cherry: This material comes in various colors, from reddish-brown to blonde, and may be distinguished from the others by its delicate straight grain. Cherry has a smooth, closed grain pattern like Maple. Tables, cupboards, and seats frequently include it. It is simple to cut, shape, and polish, leaving behind a lovely appearance.

Advantages of Cherry Wood

  • It has a reasonably long lifespan and a particularly rot and decay-resistant heart.
  • Because of its versatility, it is easy to cut, carve, and shape.
  • It offers a medium level of strength and shock load resistance.
  1. Pine: Pine is a coniferous material that grows in many regions of the Northern Hemisphere. It is renowned for its little knots, light brown hue, and tight grain. It is one of the most widely used for manufacturing home furnishings items and is used in many houses throughout the globe for entrances, flooring, windows, furniture, and other items.

Advantages of Pinewood

  • Pine’s excellent workability makes it a favorite among carpenters.
  • The closed, medium-textured, light-colored pine has a light tint.
  • This Lightweight material provides excellent workability.
  1. Hickory: Hickory is robust and has gorgeous, rich reddish-brown tones that add a classy sense to any room. It is one of the toughest commercially available. This implies that the hickory door will be very stress resistant owing to the natural density and strength.

Advantages of Hickory Wood

  • Each hickory door has some knotting that gives it personality.
  • Hickory is shock-resistant, strong, stiff, and thick.
  • It holds stains better than many other types.
  1. Mahogany: It is a solid, sturdy, and long-lasting material. It is mainly used for making home doors. Its straight grains have a stunning crimson color in many different tints. Due to its hardness and good paint and stain absorption, it is excellent for almost any usage, including furniture, cabinets, etc.

Advantages of Mahogany Wood

  • Even in humid environments, it is very robust and resistant to decay.
  • This is fantastic for exterior use and adaptable.
  • This will look stunning in any environment, regardless of whether your home is more traditional or has a modern feel.
  1. Birch: It is a delicate material with a soft texture. Cabinets, furniture, and floorings are frequently made using it. As a result of its lovely color and texture, it is widely used as a veneer. Yellow and white birch are the two varieties of birch most commonly found.

Advantages of Birch Wood

  • It has a Straight grainy texture and attractive pattern, which stains and polishes well.
  • This solid and durable material can last for many years.
  • It has good resistance to decay and deterioration.
  1. Walnut: Walnut interior gates have a contemporary appearance. This has consistently been preferred for doors, headboards, dining room tables, and mantels. Whether the material comes from the center or the outside of the tree, walnut color can range from chocolate brown to yellow.

Advantages of Walnut Wood

  • This is sturdy and excellent for carving aesthetically appealing designs.
  • Its color is unique and beautiful.
  • It has a vibrant, sumptuous texture gives warmth to usually chilly, bland environments.
  1. Oak: Oak has a coarse and grainy texture, which looks exceptionally good in rustic-style doors. There are two types: red oak, which has a pattern that resembles water and ranges in color from light brown to pinkish red, and white oak, which has a tiger-stripe grain with yellow rays and flecks.

Advantages of Oak Wood

  • It has a high level of durability and is frequently cut in a way that prevents warping.
  • It has a distinguishing appearance due to the apparent wavy grain. A clean finish enhances the grain well.
  1. Maple: It is a material used to make ply, veneer sheets, fine flooring, and furniture. It is one of the strongest materials that is recognized for its density. Maple has a creamy white appearance with sporadic crimson undertones. This is appropriate for interior construction because it is not rot-resistant.

Advantages of Maple Wood

  • This is durable and reasonably priced, requiring low care and maintenance.
  • It has a great dark brown appearance which looks good in home furnishing products.
  • This strong and durable material does not rot or decay with time.

Which Wood Species are more durable?

  • Mahogany is considered a durable, strong, more stable material since it has a long life.
  • Because of its strength and durability, Alder is well-known for its durability and longevity.
  • Since Maple is incredibly resilient, it can withstand harsh and extreme climatic conditions making your furnishings extremely durable.
  • Cedar is also inherently resistant to decay and decomposition, making it extremely long-lasting.

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