Best Entry Doors Materials for Home – Keeping Safety and Security in Mind

By: | November 04 , 2019

The front door or your entry door plays a significant role in relaying a good first impression for your guests or visitors. Not only does your front façade help in complementing and adding to the aesthetic of your home but also helps in impacting the overall value of your home. However, the most important function of your door is to ensure it is strong enough to withstand the elements of nature while also being durable enough to keep out potential intruders and thieves. Therefore, picking the apt material for your front door goes a long way in ensuring durability and home security while also facilitating in smoother operation, minimal annual upkeep, and added energy savings.

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Front doors are often constructed using a variety of materials but in this article, we will be concentrating mainly on the three most popular types, wood, steel & aluminium. Which one fits your budget and your specific needs while also enhancing your security? Read on.

Wooden Doors

Easily the most utilised material around, wood is an extremely popular choice owing to its timeless elegance and simplistic beauty. Available in a variety of types, shades, colours while also being sturdy, adaptable and bendable, wooden doors are robust, sturdy, and resistant to wear and damage. Moreover, wooden doors are completely customizable and can be made in just about any shape, size or configuration. However, wooden doors typically expand and contract both horizontally and vertically and need protection especially when temperatures and humidity rise and fall. In terms of security, certain types of wood such as teak or oak provide an additional level of security as they are quite durable and sturdy which will provide longevity & insulation as well.

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  • Offers strength, ruggedness and all-around sturdiness proving to be a deterrent to burglars and thieves.
  • Available in a variety of strains and shades which lend a sophisticated high-end look. Looks by far the best compared to other alternatives and can be also be stained or painted.
  • Small dents and scratches can be easily repaired.


  • Solid wood is often more expensive and sometimes not as readily available compared to other materials.
  • Wood is sensitive to moisture, and wetness in the wood can cause the wooden door to warp, crack and change shape. Additionally, wood is susceptible to decay and mandates regular maintenance.
  • The finish will fade over time requiring painting.
  • Compared to steel and aluminium doors, wooden doors are the least energy-efficient option.

Steel Doors

Currently, the most popular material choice for entry doors, Steel proves to be a relatively inexpensive and energy efficient alternative while also being extremely strong and secure as well. Steel entry doors provide the best choice for homeowners concerned with building or home security. This stands true especially in locations where security is of paramount importance as steel doors prove to be an outstanding option. Steel as a material also tends to be relatively maintenance-free and isn’t prone to cracking or warping like wood. Steel doors are also well-suited for use in an array of home styles. Furthermore, they are particularly well-suited for use in contemporary homes.

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  • Extremely energy efficient while also offering good insulating value.
  • Warrants less maintenance, depending on the environment and won’t warp, crack or rot like wood. It can be easily painted as well.
  • Relatively inexpensive while also being widely available.
  • Newer styles and designs can mimic the look of high-end wooden doors.


  • Has a relatively shorter lifespan than wood & aluminium. Moreover, it can be easily dented or scratched while also being prone to rust, thus not making it the best choice for a home subject to adverse weather conditions.
  • Steel tend to conducts temperature, which is not ideal to use in an extremely hot or cold environment as it can feel cold or hot to the touch.
  • Paint chipping is a common occurrence while steel can only be painted and not stained. Steel is also not as customizable as other options.

Aluminium Doors

Aluminium is a metal which plays a major role in our daily lives. An extremely light and durable material, aluminium is highly heat resistant as well. Highly customizable, aluminium is also available in a wide range of colours and styles. Aluminium doors are relatively easy to install and can be designed to fit any preference and style. Aluminium can be moulded into any shape or form thus offer top-notch protection against the weather elements. The solid construction of aluminium entry doors provides enhanced security over wooden doors. Aluminium doors will also stand the tests of time while providing high levels of sound insulation as well. Aluminium doors also confer a contemporary and modern appearance.

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  • Extremely energy efficient alternative.
  • Requires minimal maintenance. They can simply be wiped clean with the help of a damp cloth. Moreover, they won’t warp or rot like wood, or dent or rust like steel.
  • Aluminium does not conduct heat which means that unlike steel it will not retain heat.


  • Aluminium is far less attractive than wood.
  • Aluminium being a good thermal conductor may not work well in cold climates as heat will be lost through the frame.

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