Exterior French Doors Buying Tips

By: | September 30 , 2022

Exterior French Doors are in trend & the reason behind that is people’s opinions which are everchanging, nowadays a house can be defined by its doors. A door tells you a lot about the styling you will find inside the place. A French door is one of the popular door styles of recent times. Its unique design can provide an open feeling to your home, which many people love and look for in modern times.

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So when you made up your mind about the french doors, what factors should you consider before buying? Well, we are here to help you with useful tips that will give you some crucial information.

So let’s look at 7 tips for buying exterior french doors.

  • Material of preference: One of the most important decisions regarding french doors is the material. There are multiple options available in the market, like aluminium, wood,uPVC or steel. They all have their different pros and cons. But uPVC doors can provide great security, energy efficiency, modern looks, and weather protection. It comes with multiple styling and colour options, which is where its counterparts struggle.
  • Choice of design: Once you have decided on the material you are going with, the next hurdle is what type of design you should go for. French doors now come in several forms, ranging from uninterrupted panes of glass to those crisscrossed with diamond-shaped grids, and they slide and swing. New engineering implies improved energy efficiency, wind resistance, and security, freeing the mind to concentrate on what matters: light and air. Personal choice matters the most in this case. Some people would consider a bi-fold door or choose multi-folding door options for a bigger entrance. You can even consider inward-opening doors.
  • Budget aspect: your budget dictates a lot of things, and yes, assembling a french door or any other kind of door might lighten your pockets a fair bit, so if you are on a budget, you should look at the pricing aspects on differnt material on that front timber can be touch costlier compared to uPVC or aluminium.
  • Security Factor: A door must provide security, which is the one factor you must not make any compromises on. The good thing is nowadays, every material is made keeping an eye on security factors in mind. You should expect quality aluminium or uPVC French doors with at least four to six locking points, depending on the model you go for. But you should always check the door cylinder’s security rating and specifications like anti-drilling, lockpicking and anti-snapping. A well-built door should have internal glazing beads which keep the glass in place, so no one can remove the glass panels from outside the door.
  • Weatherproofing: A door must face the wrath of bad weather, so what you should look for in a french door is multiple layers of seals. It is standard that doors nowadays come with weatherproof badging, which says that the door will withstand rain, wind and heat.
  • Energy efficiency: Whether you go with aluminium or PVCu, you’ll get the greatest energy efficiency, which will help you save money on your heating bills. Insulated profiles provide an excellent thermal break for aluminium if we talk about aluminium doors. As a result, cold-bridging is minimised. uPVC profiles typically feature several chambers and cores. These not only strengthen your doors, but they also make the frames more energy efficient.Also, glass makes up a large part of your french doors, so you must use only toughened safety glass, which will help keep the heat inside and help in keeping your electricity bill low.
  • Personalising factor:  In today’s world, everyone wants to personalise their belonging as it gives them a sense of uniqueness and comfort, knowing that its specially customised to suit their needs.So when it comes to doors, naturally, colour comes first in people’s minds. uPVC doors now have some of the greatest foiled or coloured finishes and a grained texture. uPVC doesn’t have to be dull white, so it’s a terrific colour alternative for your home.

The sturdy powder-coated colours of aluminium are simple to clean and maintain. Rich black, sophisticated grey, classic white, and over 200 more colours are available for our aluminium doors. There’s also an aluminium woodgrain with our Origin goods and metallic finishes.

Nowadays, French doors are installed at multiple places in household mainly because it helps with lighting and adds a touch of style to the space, so I hope if you keep these 7 tips in your mind before buying a french door, you will end up with a decent product that will last for a long time and meet your every expectation.

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