FARO Releases PointSense for Revit®

By: | November 16 , 2022

FARO, one of the world’s most trusted source for 3D measurement, imaging, and realization technologies, announced the release of the newly designed PointSense for Autodesk’s Revit®building design software. PointSense introduces breakthrough functionality to significantly improve the evaluation and conversion of point cloud data to Building Information Modeling (BIM). BIM has become a standard in the planning, building and management of new facilities and Autodesk Revit® is one of the most established BIM programs for the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry. FARO’s latest software release accelerates and simplifies the analysis and design of laser scan data directly in Autodesk Revit®. PointSense is FARO’s first software release following their recent acquisition of kubit™ . Jay Freeland, FARO’s President and CEO stated that as BIM continues to be an established requirement in the construction industry, they recognize the need to provide customers with a complete field-to-finish solution. “PointSense enhances the architectural design process by simplifying the extraction of BIM models to point clouds. This is merely the beginning of FARO’s efforts to greatly enhance scan-to-BIM workflows,” he added.

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PointSense users will experience additional functionality compared to traditional native Autodesk Revit® tools previously available in the market. Some of the new features include: extraction and alignment of architectural walls, creation of Revit® family types such as doors, windows, beams, construction lines and ground models, real 3D snap-to-point clouds, plane detection and scaled ortho-image generation. PointSense will be available to users beginning 4 May 2015. For more information on PointSense for Revit®, please visit:

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