Different Types of Flooring Materials in India

By: | October 04 , 2022

The floor is the walking surface of your home and anything that that is applied over this surface is called is referred to as flooring material or floor covering.  When you are building a new house or thinking of renovating your house, the flooring is one thing that has to be given due consideration because it is one that can give an all-new look to your home. Since different types of flooring vary in their capacity to withstand the traffic and handling aspects, they might be subjected to, it is important to choose them with care.

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Choosing the right flooring

Choosing the right flooring for your home would be possible if you choose different types of flooring based on the room. This will help you achieve the effect you would expect as far as the look and feel of the room is concerned. Again, you would be able to choose a material that makes it easy to maintain and also choose one that would withstand the wear and tear associated with the room effectively. There are different types of flooring in India, each with their own set of pros and cons, which when installed after due consideration to the above-mentioned factors would turn out to be the best option for your home.

Types of Flooring

There are different types of flooring materials, you can choose from in India. But, only a few such as marble and tiles are thought of at first.  The 11 most important types of flooring you can consider include

Marble flooring

marble flooring

Marble is a naturally occurring flooring material. You have different types of marble flooring. They differ in terms of color, quality, and cost. Since you have marbles that are of low cost as well as those that cost really high, it is a flooring choice that is opted for by many people in India. You have pink, grey and white marble. They last for over 25 years and they can withstand wear and tear caused by daily usage and heavy flow of traffic fairly well. The high-quality stones are limited in availability and are expensive but the low-quality stones might need extra care for otherwise, they might turn yellowish after a few years.

Granite flooring

granite flooring

It is one of the most effective stone flooring types that exudes sophistication whether it is used indoors or outdoors. It is quite an apt flooring type in India owing to the coolness it maintains. The other features such as stain resistance, scratch resistance, ease of maintenance etc. make it an appealing flooring choice despite limited color choices which are not as great as vitrified tiles and high cost.

Hardwood flooring

Granite flooring

This is an aesthetically appealing wood flooring types that are limited in color choices as well as patterns. However, they are all in natural shades and are quite durable when properly maintained. It is expensive than other types of flooring. Sometimes, it can cause noise, creaks, and squeaking, due to wear and tear. But, it is still preferred by the elite for the aesthetic appeal as well as its ability to complement a number of décor themes.

Bamboo flooring

Bamboo flooring

Bamboo is again one of the types of flooring materials that to give a sophisticated feel to the décor. It also complements a décor well. Though it is easy to maintain and is water and stain resistant, you cannot consider it as a scratch resistant material. The bamboo planks are used in different patterns just as the hardwood. But since the bamboo planks have a tendency to plump up under humid conditions, it has to be used carefully with due consideration of the conditions.

Concrete flooring

Concrete flooring

Concrete refers to a mixture of cement sand and granite rocks that is laid on the floor. It produces a damage resistant and durable flooring. Though there is a chance for it to chip and crack due to wear and tear, it is one of the inexpensive flooring options that score high on durability as well.  at present, you have concrete floors in a wide range of colors and textures that make it an appealing flooring choice.

Vitrified Tile Flooring

Vitrified tile flooring

The tiles are made of a mixture of clay and other materials which include silica, feldspar, quartz etc. which are baked at high temperatures. The vitrified tile flooring is great in terms of appearance whether it features a glazed, matte or anti-skid finish. The color, design, and prints also make it more attractive than the types of marble flooring.  Since you have tiles that emulate natural materials like wood, marble, and bamboo, they are easily the apt type of materials that can offer you affordable choices for every room as well as for both interiors and exteriors.

Vinyl flooring

vinyl flooring

It is a cost-effective and aesthetic option to beautify the flooring whether it is a new house or a remodeling project. The features of the vinyl flooring which includes stain resistance, water-resistance as well as ease in installation and uninstalling it makes it a favorite choice for those who are interested in the aesthetic appeal at inexpensive rates as there is no dearth for designs that include finishes that resemble the stone and hardwood as well. However, discoloration of the flooring and the inability to withstand scratches can be considered as drawbacks.

Linoleum flooring

linoleum flooring

It can be considered as a type of carpet flooring considering the soft surface it features. Since it makes it highly susceptible to dents and scratches which result due to mal usage, it is only recommended as an ideal flooring type for areas where there is only low traffic. However, since it is an eco-friendly flooring type produced from cork, dust, and resin, as well as linseed oil, it is a favorite flooring choice for environment-friendly people.

Laminate flooring

laminate flooring

Except for the single major drawback that the flooring has to be changed completely and there is no chance for redoing or re-polishing the flooring, it offers a number of advantages. The advantages include stain and water resistance, sturdiness, wide variety in terms of pattern, slip-resistant nature as well as compatibility with a number of Indian decor styles makes it an attractive flooring choice option.

The other types of flooring such as terrazzo flooring or renewed version of mosaic flooring as well as brick flooring that was used in olden times are also few flooring types you may consider depending on where and for what you are going to use it.

Think of all these types of flooring alternatives and choose the right one for your home or for remodeling your home.

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