Granite vs. Marble

By: | August 18 , 2022

Granite and Marble are the most commonly used natural stone used in the interiors and exteriors. Both the building materials give a different look and appeal. The characteristics and differences between both the materials are –

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  • Granite is a strong, solid, impervious, and durable material that is totally resistant to stains. Marble is a strong, durable, and pervious material; if marble is not sealed properly it is prone to absorbing stains.
  • Granite can be purchased and laid immediately. Once the granite flooring is laid it is considered a finished floor. After laying marble it has to be polished several times to get the desired polish and finish, hence it is a time-consuming process.
  • Granite is very easy to maintain, it is resistant to acid wash. Marble needs regular maintenance and polishing at regular intervals. Acid wash should never be used on marble as it shall make the marble very rough and the stone shall lose its shine.
  • Granite can be used outdoors and indoors while Marble is usually used in the interiors. Granite is most commonly used in kitchen counter tops and bathroom sink counters.
  • Granite has a uniform design throughout the stone. Marble has beautiful designs and patterns on the floor slabs.

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