How are Floor Tiles Laid?

By: | September 11 , 2019

The Step by Step process of laying floor tiles –

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  • First of all the tile quantity is calculated with an additional wastage of 5% to 10% depending on the design of the tiles.
  • The next stage includes removal of the existing tiles and making a clean surface. In case of any holes or gaps additional cement is added to make the surface flat to receive the floor tiles. In many cases the tiles are fixed with adhesives on the existing floor if the floor is suitable to carry the dead load of the tiles.
  • Once the floor is cleaned the starting tile is marked and located and the leveling of the floor surface is done. The mortar mixture is made such; the quantity is only enough for tiles to be laid within 15-20 minutes otherwise the mixture will dry.
  • The tile laying starts and no one is allowed to walk on the tiles for at least 24 hours. Plastic spacers are used between the tiles so as to have even grout lines. The tiles are repeatedly cleaned with sponge and water so that the cement does not deposit on the tiles.
  • After laying of tiles are done the skirting is fixed on the wall. All the gaps in the floor tiles are filled with grouts resembling the color of the tiles or in contrast color. After grouting sealants are used to seal all the gaps.
  • The tiles are then cleaned, finished and ready to use. Curing of tiles for a week is also preferred.

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