How to check quality of cement on site?

By: | June 27 , 2019

It is very important to check the quality of cement delivered at site that shall be used for construction.

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Cement Quality Parameters

The following checks should be done at site –

  • The Date of Packing should be checked. Cement should be used within 6 weeks after the date of manufacturing.
  • Cement has a light grey color; in case there is a change of colour it should be rejected.
  • Cement should be smooth while rubbing. A coarse texture indicates adulteration with sand.
  • When one puts his hand in the cement bag it should feel cool.
  • We must do a float test by putting some cement on water; the cement should float before sinking.
  • One must smell the cement; a very earthy or muddy smell indicates excess of clay in the cement.
  • No lumps should be present in the cement bags.
  • A cube of cement should be made on a plate and then immersed in water; it has to harden within 24 hours under water.
  • A strength test could be done by creating a block of 25mmx25mmx200mm, immerse it in water for 7 days and then subject it to a weight of 34 kg. The cement should not fail or crack.
  • The grade of cement should be mentioned on the bag and it should always be packed in synthetic jute or polypropylene bags.

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