ICEhouse building using SABIC’s LEXAN sheet signifies innovation for the circular economy

By: | April 05 , 2022

Created by McDonough Innovation using SABIC’s LEXAN™ sheet and building systems, the ICEhouse™ is an elegant structure which hosts guests and members at the 2016 Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

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The ICEhouse (where ICE stands for Innovation for the Circular Economy) is designed to illustrate the value provided by robust technical nutrients such as polycarbonate in combination with advanced architectural design. It is a place to imagine a future of innovation based on the Cradle to Cradle® Design Framework, Innovation for the Circular Economy™ and the Fourth Industrial Revolution – the theme of 2016 Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum.
The ICEhouse™ is built using a cutting-edge aluminum frame structure and several forms of SABIC’s polycarbonate material LEXAN™ sheets, including high insulating, nanogel filled LEXAN™ THERMOCLEAR™ multi-wall sheet for the translucent wall cladding and ceiling.

The circular economy is based on producing no waste and pollution. It is restorative and regenerative by design in which products, components, and materials are reused in continuous technical and biological cycles. The ICEhouse is an excellent example of how SABIC’s advanced material solutions and innovative designs from a world-leading architect can leadsustainable designs in the construction market, creating ‘Chemistry that Matters™’. The multi-wall polycarbonate sheets used as building materials can be recovered and continuously reused. Giving architects the means to benefit society in new ways is an example of how we create value by using chemistry in SABIC.

In addition, the transparent furniture used in the ICEhouse is made with SABIC’s polycarbonate LEXAN™ resins. Next to the building and construction industry, SABIC’s polycarbonate sheet and resin materials are used across a wide variety of industries, including the aerospace, railway, automotive, electrical and consumer electronics due to their environmental benefits, recyclability, durability, compliance with industry regulations, formability and lightweight.

Sustainability is embedded as a strategic foundation of SABIC’s business and we actively seek collaboration with thought leaders, such as William McDonough. ICEhouse was created by William McDonough, designed by William McDonough + Partners Architects, and built by WonderFrame, LLC in close collaboration and support of SABIC.

SABIC’s polycarbonate LEXAN™ sheet portfolio enables architects and designers to succeed in the emerging sustainable building solutions and have potential to contribute to LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification by providing natural light, optimizing energy performance, and utilizing recycled content.

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