Is MDF and Particleboard the same thing?

By: | August 17 , 2022

MDF and Particle Board is not the same thing.

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  • Particle boards and MDF are forms of engineered compressed wood. Particle Board is made of recyclable saw wood dust, wood shavings and sawmill shavings while MDF is composed of soft and hard wood fibers cut into the smallest pieces. In both cases resins are added and they are heat pressed into boards with which furniture can be made.
  • MDF is strong and durable while Particle board is not so strong, durable. Particle Board is relatively very cheap hence is widely used to fabricate economy –class furniture.
  • Chemicals can be added to MDF to make it water resistant as it is a dense and compact board while Particle Boards split and get heavily damaged in the presence of moisture and water. They are not suitable for bathroom cabinets.
  • MDF is used for the fabrication of doors, furniture, laminated wooden flooring. The perfect ratio between thicknesses and hardness of MDF boards makes it a perfect and cheaper option for fabrication of doors. Particle boards are used for furniture, cabinets and partitions.
  • Both MDF and Particle Boards are not suitable for outdoor use.

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