Kitchen Backsplash Design Ideas

By: | May 28 , 2021

A kitchen backsplash primarily protects your kitchen walls from liquids, usually water. It is also like a focal point for your décor. It defines your style and reflects you and the mood of your cook space.

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Kitchen backsplash

From an organised, clean and minimalistic kind of style, one can move onto a chic vintage kind of look. Tons of designs are available. Choose one that gets you.

One must make sure it matches the rest of your kitchen or kitchenette with its sprawling countertops in quaint make up, your swell cabinets and your appealing floor. The colors and textures must blend in.

So how do you choose your gorgeous backsplash?

back splash for kitchen

The first thing you need to figure is what kind of tiles you need.

For this evaluate your budget and match it with how costly your tiles can be.

If you have a small one go in for precious nocturnal porcelain or ceramic. If you wanna spend a bit more marble, granite and glass are good.

If you are on the low binge, don`t worry ceramic can mimic marble or a metallic surface texto, texture.

Next comes in tile design. There are all sorts of tile designs available. Triangular or diagonal ones. Then we have the laser cut tiles, subway shots, hand painted bonanzas, specialised shapes, herring bone and then the gorgeous mosaic tiles.

backsplash for kitchen

The diagonals coming with the diagonal cut sandwiching your space, giving it a fine, unique look. But these do cost more as you need more in quantity.

Laser cut ones come in intricate designs and are ofcourse cut by laser. Complicated designs can be created with these like a massive jigsaw puzzle though they are a bit expensive.

Ah! The subway tiles. Remind you of our happy subways. These create a clean and classic look. And so on and so forth.

Now comes in your mixing and matching. Achievement of harmony is a must. The tiles as we mentioned before with the other elements of your kitchen. For instance blue tiles will blend in with grey cabinets. A white tiled backsplash will be a wonderful contrast with black painted cabinets. Or a contrasting blood red with a staid grey countertop would be a hit on. Very suave. Here the ready red will be the focal point of your creative effort.

Installing the kitchen by yourself could be a thought in your mind, wanting to plunge into raw material all on your own or simply save on labour cost.

For this plan out your layout and how many tiles of which kind you will be requiring.

After cleaning up the desired space, apply an appropriate thin set mortar or mastic adhesive according to the instructions from your seller or manufacturer.

Buy yourself a good tile cutting saw, then measure and cut the tiles going by your design. Place them carefully on your prepared surface. Hold them down till they have fixed themselves on the surface.

Remember to call in a contractor in case you are not able to handle the show on your own.

There goes. That was an input on your backsplash adventure for one of your favourite spaces in the house. Get moving and groove along!

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