Best Kitchen Chimney Brands In India

By: | September 28 , 2022
Kitchen Chimney

Kitchen chimneys have become a necessity these days for all households. The product helps in keeping your kitchen clean and tidy. They drain out the fume, oil, and grease that makes your cooking room stink. They are also available in different types and sizes. You can even select the type of mount you want your model to be depending on the space in your cooking room. Whether you want to buy an auto-clean model or a ductless one, you must choose from many brands. Since there are a plethora of Kitchen chimney brands, we are here to help you. Don’t get tricked with offers and affordability while choosing brands. Check the testimonials and product descriptions before buying.

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When it comes to brands, you will be confused with the number of options you’ll get. However, we have shortlisted some for your convenience. Check them and know why you can rely on them.

The Top five Kitchen Chimney Brands in India that we recommend are

  • Kaff Chimney

  • Sunflame Chimney

  • Bosch Chimney

  • Faber Chimney

  • Hindware Chimney


Kaff Chimney

The products of Kaff are a proper blend of aesthetics with technological innovations. They aid in your cooking and are available in various sizes. Besides being reasonable to buy, they are accessible in both conventional and contemporary styles. Even the company makes various types of chimneys that exist.

The company always tries to deliver items that keep your cooking room clean and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Thus, these items from Kaff are made from stainless steel.

Few notable features of these products are their color and glass finishing. Besides that, there are oil collectors, power-saving LED lights, and oil collectors too.


Faber Chimney

It has been a global company delivering these products for a long time. If you are searching for the Best kitchen chimney brand in India, this company is the best option. You can get them in various finishes and designs. They help in keeping the atmosphere of your room clean. It also helps you in keeping the cooking table and adjacent wall oil and grease-free. When it comes to aesthetics, Faber delivers classy products that make your cooking area bright.

They are made from stainless steel, which prevents corrosion. While some of them have stainless steel finish, some have tempered glass finishings too.

One of the notable features of Faber is that they manufacture both filtered and filterless products. The products either have push buttons or motion sensor touch panels. In addition, they also have metal blowers, oil collectors, and LED lamps.


Sunflame Chimney

It manufactures these products at a very affordable rate and is filled with innovative features and is thus one of the best Chimney brands in India. It has been three decades since this company made its entry into the households. The company always manifests to provide efficient products so that the customers can enjoy a hassle-free life. Their items not only make your kitchen look aesthetically good but also help it keep clean.

The company promises the durability of the items, and thus, the products are manufactured from stainless steel. It prevents the model from rusting.

Apart from having a powerful motor and stylish design, the models from this company are equipped with innovative features like oil collectors and LED lamps. In addition, they have an oil-level indicator and LED displays, with feather touch control panels.


Bosch Chimney

It is among the Top chimney brands manufacturing models that are famous for their low noise and rust-resistant capabilities. Besides that, they have been here in the market for many decades. They deliver quality products that can improve the standards of your life. Your kitchen can turn glamorous as you install their products. The products are good at performance and have both ducted and non-ducted options. Even the suction power of the items is also high.

For a sturdy body, the products from this company are manufactured from stainless steel.

One of the important features of these products from this company is that they are available in all types. Besides that, they have proper LED lights to make your cooking area bright. The touch control panel adds elegance to the model. Other than that, the models have strong motors and more than two fan speeds.


Hindware Chimney

If you search for the Best chimney brand, Hindware is the correct option. It is a popular brand when it comes to electronic gadgets and sanitaryware. The products they manufacture have an exotic style and aids you in all ways. The items from this company are customer-friendly and equipped with the latest technology available. Even the products from this company are found in affordable ranges. The models help in making your cooking room clean and tidy.

Unlike the other brands, this company also produces items that are made from stainless steel. It makes the models robust and long-lasting.

When it comes to the features these products have, it is aesthetics that comes first. Other than that, the items also have push and touch controls. The models are equipped with metallic blowers and LED lamps also.

Have a look at the things you should check before buying Top brand chimney in India

There are three important factors you should check before buying. They are:

Size: While some models are available in 90 cm, some are obtainable in 60 cm sizes. You must check the size properly before buying.
Mounting: There are three kinds of mounting – wall, island, and corner. Choose any models that fit in the space you have in your kitchen.
Filter: You can go for a filterless or filtered model for your cooking room. If you opt for the filtered ones, there are three options- baffled, meshed, and charcoal filters. Choose one that suits your needs.

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