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By: | August 27 , 2020
types of Door Stoppers

Doors are a primary requirement in any building or structure. No matter where a gate is installed, it is a hassle to manually control its closing and opening, uniquely if the door is placed at the location where there is a lot of in and out movement.

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You would not want to manually keep it open all the time when you need a lot of people coming in. Or You might not want to use a chair or a desk as a potential gate bung and use a premium product instead.

Let Us Understate What is a Door Stopper –

These are also needed to ensure that the gate does not make any harsh sound or damage the wall when it is closed. The door should never slam on the wall else it can damage the wall or itself. Keeping in view these points, there is a high utility for the home and office decor.

Sometimes, many people get irritated and highly anxious with the smashing sound, which cannot be very pleasant if you do not have a functional bung. If you have kids at home, they slam and shut the gates badly and damage the wall on which the gate rests.

You can buy premium quality stoppers to ensure that the walls and doors stay intact and last longer. There is no annoying sound of the banging on the wall or shutting abruptly.

Available in Many Sizes and Material

A variety of door bungs are available these days, which reduces the hassle of manually keeping them in place. You may want to keep the wide open, or keep it in its place and ensure that it provides utility and add to the beauty of the gate and your home overall.

Steel Door Bungs are Most Common

The stainless-steel ones are sturdy and stay intact for a very long time. They protect the gate from the heavy usage and constant wear and tear, making them last longer. These are sleek and stylish in look and add to the gate’s overall beauty, whether inside a drawing room or an office board room.

These are best for glass and look extremely attractive in the transparent ones giving a sophisticated and stylish feel. One of the most beautiful things about these is that they are rust free and can be easily cleaned.

The dust dies not to settle on these as they are shaped very smartly. These are made with good quality material that makes them an excellent choice for glass partition and sliders, but the steel bungs work well with metal and wooden ones.

You can get a wide variety of steel and rubber to add class to the gate’s look and safeguard it from shock due to frequently open and shut.

Rubber and Nickle

Free Style stoppers are apt for avoiding the damage to the floor. These bungs have rubber surface to prevent the gate’s contact with the floor so that there are no scratches or damage to the flooring when the slider is moved over the rug.

You may use it easily on the tiles and carpet flooring. Such materials are a must-have in homes with expensive flooring or fancy tiling.

Get The Best One That Suits Your Need

You need not refer a door stopper buying guide for getting the best one at McCoyMart; we have the selected range of high-quality ones.

Different types of Door Stoppers are available in a variety of material and finish so that you can choose the one that best fits your needs and complement your house’s decor. You may use the classy-looking one that appears in the satin silver finish to go well with your highly sophisticated metal and wooden ones.

The ones with the Antique finish look cool on the expensive gates with intricate carving and woodwork. Such stoppers are a must for heavy-duty wooden gates that ooze class and royalty. If you use a cheap quality bumper on a cumbersome and expensive barrier, it will just ruin its appeal.

Which One to Buy?

The Polished Stainless steel and Satin Stainless steel in small and large door stopper sizes are best for glass and wooden closures with a modern look and feel. These suit the interior with a chick and urban look giving them a classy look.

The antique ones would not complement urban interiors; similarly, steel ones would look outlandish on the carved wooden. Thus, you must pay a great deal of attention while choosing the right one for your home or office as per your design and choice.

Buy Online

Still wondering where to buy door stoppers, at McCoyMart, you can shop online for the best brand door stopper from various leading companies like IPSA, Kitch, Ozone. The architects and builders highly recommend these as they use them in their construction.

We strive to give you high value for your money and appreciate your trust in us, thus bring you the most elite and stylish looking products at the cost that you can easily afford. We ensure that quality is never compromised. Get the best products delivered at your home with assured quality.

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