Residential Towers’ designs by Triptyque Architecture

By: | August 14 , 2020
triptyque architecture
triptyque architecture2

The recently launched residential towers created by Triptyque Architecture are the new talk of the town in the Vila Madalenaneighbourhood in São Paulo, Brazil where the designers have designed the facade to be a representative of the neighbourhood. The 8,000 square metre area has been covered with eight randomly placed blocks, the design objective of which is to connect the structures on an urban level. All these blocks have their own entrances as well as well thought of natural lighting and ventilating options. Each block has access to some spectacular views offered around the site while the room designs and layouts allow privacy and spacious ceiling heights. The facades of the towers are done using tiles, making their early Portuguese inhibitors a part of the design process. The blue and white Azulejos tiles also offer homage to the artist Athos Bulcão. They continue on the interiors too, with their smooth and reflective presence giving sheen in the apartment rooms. The greenery landscaped around the structure is for a dramatic ‘out-of-the-jungle’ effect.

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