Restello Living Steel-Project in Kolkata

By: | May 20 , 2022

Restello is a residential scheme in Kolkata- India, for TATA Steel and developer Bengal Shrachi and is one of the first examples of ‘Steel Buildings’ in India with innovative use of steel in housing design and construction This project is a landmark with the extensive use of steel as an advanced building material combined with latest building technology. UK-based architect Piercy Conner has designed the building after winning a competition. He has combined elements of traditional Eastern architecture with the sustainable design making Restello a modern living experience.

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Steel is the main construction element of Restello which fits well in the damp and humid climate of Kolkata. Steel’s resistance to dampness and soiling creates improved drywall and good exterior appearance; it also improves the quality of the fit of doors and windows. The steel structure allows for long spans, creating uninterrupted living spaces, and the perforated façade filters the light to provide good natural ventilation

The prime features of this building include

  • Clean and green, no dust, and eco-friendly construction
  • Thermal efficiency
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Superior finish due to steel walls and structure
  • Thinner walls
  • Special wool in between steel walls to reduce noise levels between two rooms.
  • Less hazard and earthquake resistant.

The Project comprises 12 luxurious boutique apartments within a perforated steel external facade. There is a second inner skin of floor-to-ceiling glazing. Between the two layers lie the double-story terraces in front of the apartments which provide a harmonious aesthetic flow between the exteriors and the interiors.

This project stands bold and tall and has won many architecture awards. salt is a perfect example of a good global collaboration of the world’s leading steel companies to create the future.

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