Roof Window vs. Skylight?

By: | August 02 , 2022

When it comes to the installation of roof windows or skylights we always wonder which one should we go for, and soon it becomes a competition between roof windows vs skylights because they have many similarities, the roof windows and skylights both have the function of introducing natural light into the interiors and brighten up the space. They are widely used in areas where it is not possible to introduce light through windows, especially in areas like corridors, attics, store rooms etc. They can be confused with each other.

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Let’s know the characteristics that distinguish roof windows and skylights

  • A roof window is an outward opening window in the roof which allows both light and ventilation into the interiors. A skylight is a fixed window in the roof and only allows light into the interiors.
  • Roof windows are larger than skylights.
  • Roof windows allow access to the roof for any kind of maintenance work while skylights are fixed.
  • Roof window gives beautiful views of the exteriors, especially when used on sloped roof, and brings a lot of nature and sky views into the interiors. Skylights do not provide any natural views.
  • The Roof windows provide direct light while skylights provide diffused light into the interiors. Square or Tubular skylights are used to bring a consistent quality of natural light throughout the interior space.

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