Skeptical on Which Commode to Buy? This Size Guide Can Be of Help!

By: | August 18 , 2022
Standard size of commode

When you are thinking of buying a commode, the first thing that comes to mind is its size. Toilet seats are, no doubt, a necessary sanitary ware that you need for your lavatory. Whether you are renovating or building a new lavatory, you always need to consider the size of commodes. You need to consider Toilet Seat Dimensions because you need to fit it within the space you have.

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So before selecting a pot, you also need to measure the space you have in your bathroom. This guide will help you know about the requirements and other factors like Toilet Seat Size that you need to know, do, and check before installing a commode.

The shape of the toilet bowl

Two types of bowls are widely accessible in the market. They are round and elongated bowls.

  • Round: Round bowls are ideal when you have significantly less space in your bathroom. Besides saving space, it is one of the standard models of pot. They have a round seat from which they get their name.
  • Elongated: Elongated bowls are two or three inches longer than the standard round seats. They offer you extra sitting satisfaction. The shape of the bowl looks somewhat like a pear. It can be your choice if you want a comfortable sitting.

Height of the seat

The measurement from the top of your pot to the floor is considered the height of your seat. While selecting a Standard Toilet Seat Size, you must consider your family’s standard height. The seats are available in two heights. They are termed as standard and chair.

  • Standard: Standard is the ideal commode for houses that have children. They have a height of 15″ to 17″ from the ground. They are also suitable for every household. It is the most common model that is available.
  • Chair: Many people have limited mobility. Chair seats are for them. They have an average height of 17″ to 19″ from the floor. These seats offer you extra comfort in sitting as you don’t have to bend much as you had to in a standard seat.

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Measuring a toilet

Before installing any sanitary ware and especially toilet seats in your bathroom, the first thing is to measure the model to be fitted. To know your model’s measurement, take a tape and note down the length, height, and width of it. Doing this will make your Commode Dimensions choice easy.

  • Height: Calculate the size from the floor to the toilet seat at first. Then measure the height from the bottom to the cistern. When you get the height, you know how much space it will take to be fitted in. If you are renovating, this measurement of height will help you select the new model very quickly.
  • Depth: Calculate the area from the pot rim to the back of the seat to get the depth. You must have 24″ of free space in front of the sear. This space should be let to ensure that you can move inside the lavatory. It will also ensure that if the pot is beside the door, it will not be a problem.
  • Width: To get the width of your pot, measure the distance between the right and left edge of the cistern or the seat, whichever is broader. There must be a 30″ space that should be slotted for the mature seat in your bathroom.


The rough-in the most crucial measurement that is required for pot selection. It is the length within the wall behind the pot and the center of the closet bolts. To measure this space, you have to put the tape on the back wall and drag it up to the closet ball in the seat’s rear. The measurement of the rough-ins should be 12 inches. At times it can also be 10 or 14 inches.

Toilet seat size

The Standard Size of Commode is:

  • Depth – 28″ to 30″
  • Width – 20″
  • Height – 27″ to 32″
  • Rough-in – 10″ to 14″
Starck 3 Wall-Hung Commode With Seat Cover
360 mm x 540 mm
Rs. 21,610
Kastello WH Square Toilet Bowl With Seat Cover
W 360x L 552x H 290 mm
Rs. 15,792
Carat Jet Wall Hung Ewcs with Seat Cover
(500 L x 360 W x 350 H) mm
Rs. 5,320
Bluma Stainless Toilet Commod
380 x 355 x 550 mm
Rs. 25,637
Simply Modish One Piece Toilet S- Trap (Hyg.) Dual Flush
(L) 71 x (W) 37 x (H) 66.5 cm
Rs. 68,040


So, why wait? Keep these points in mind while purchasing a toilet seat. This will help you to get a model that shall be ideal for your bathroom.

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