Top 5 Electrical Switches Brands In India

By: | April 08 , 2024

Devices that are used to control the flow of electricity in a circuit by cutting or diverting it are known as Electrical switches. Their usage is mostly seen by everyone including residential, commercial, and industrial buildings to switch on and off lights, appliances, and other electrical devices. It comes in various designs and sizes as per the usage and application.

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Leading 5 Electrical Switch Brands in India:

  1. Anchor
  2. Schneider Electric
  3. Havells
  4. Legrand
  5. Wipro

1. Anchor:


Anchor Electricals is one of the most popular brands of electrical switches. Anchor Electrical Switches provides a warranty of 10 years on switches as they are quite confident about the quality and durability of their switches. They are readily available in the market as they have a strong distribution. They are one of the safest switches that one can rely on. 

2. Schneider Electric:

Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric is among one of the most popular brands in creating seamlessly designer fit switches to enhance the interiors. Schneider Electric Electrical Switches are outstanding in their quality and provide enhanced security. They offer stylish switches that suit the interiors and are convenient to use.

3. Havells:


Havells is a brand that promises to deliver excellent performance and is long-lasting. They use technology in a way to provide premium quality and reliability to the clients. It is very easy to find their switches in the market. Their switches prevent damages and accidents as they are electrical shock resistant.

4. Legrand:


Legrand is a trusted brand. Their switches can be easily installed and their customer satisfaction rate is quite high. Their switches provide high security and come with a warranty. They also promise that their switches are energy efficient which reduces the cost of electricity bills. 

5. Wipro:


The quality and durability of the switches that Wipro manufactures is unbeatable. They use premium materials to make the switches which are of top quality and long lasting. They are one of the safest and most reliable switches in the market.

Types of Electrical Switches:

  1. Toggle Switches
  2. Rocker Switches
  3. Push Button Switches
  4. Dimmer Switches
  5. Slide Switches
  6. Rotary Switches
  7. Pressure switches
  8. Proximity Switches

1. Toggle Switches:

Toggle Switches

Toggle switches are the most common type of switches which are traditionally used in homes. An actuator is used to flip it up and down to open and close the circuit. The price range begins from Rs 70 to Rs 350.

2. Rocker Switches:

Rocker Switches

Rocker switches are very similar to toggle switches, they have a flat rectangular lever that can be pressed on one side to open and on the other to close. They cost between Rs 140 to Rs 700.

3. Push Button Switches:

Push Button Switches

Push button switches have a button that can be pressed to make or break the electrical connection. They come in both spring-loaded and toggle-style designs. They cost between Rs 210 to Rs 1050 per switch.

4. Dimmer Switches:

Dimmer Switches

Dimmer switches are used to maintain the brightness of a light. They do this by differing the amount of electric current sliding to them. They have a revolving dial or a sliding controller to adjust the intensity of light. They cost around Rs 700 to Rs 2100 per switch.

5. Slide Switches:

Slide Switches

Slide switches consist of a level that glides parallelly to open or close the circuit. They are frequently used in electronic devices.

6. Rotary Switches:

Rotary Switches

Rotary switches have a lever that can twirled in a manner to change different settings, each consisting of a different function.

7. Pressure Switches:

Pressure Switches

Pressure switches are operated by putting physical pressure or force. They are majorly used in the industrial sector to determine any changes in pressure and command the machinery appropriately.

8. Proximity Switches:

Proximity Switches

Proximity switches are used to detect if there are any changes in the presence and absence of objects without a need for physical contact. They are mostly used in security systems and mechanization.

Why Are Electrical Switches Important?

  • Control:

An electrical switch helps control the flow of electricity in a circuit by letting us turn on and off lights, appliances, and other electrical devices as per our requirements. This increases efficiency and convenience in our day-to-day life.

  • Safety:

Electrical switches help in disconnecting electrical devices from power sources which reduces the risk of accidents and damage caused by electrical hazards like shock, short circuits, fires, etc. They permit us to separate circuits for maintenance which prevents the risk of damage ensuring the safety of both property and people. 

  • Energy Efficiency:

By letting us control the usage of lights and other electrical appliances, an electrical switch helps contribute to energy conservation and cost reduction by decreasing the number of electricity bills. This encourages sustainability by minimizing the usage of energy consumption.

  • Functionality:

Electrical switches help in implementing various electrical systems and properties that intensify convenience and functionality. For example, a dimmer switch helps in controlling the brightness of light while a timer switch helps in automatically controlling the operation of electrical devices.

  • Automation:

An electrical switch plays a major role in automation and smart technology applications. They permit the automation of processes, the integration of smart technology applications, and the execution of advanced monitoring functionalities. 

  • Compliance:

The electrical systems need to meet safety requirements and electrical switches play a vital role in building codes and regulations. Compliance with these requirements is necessary to obtain licenses and permits and ensure the safety and legality of electrical equipment.

How to Find Electrical Switches Online?

  1. ResearchUse search engines to find the best electrical switches. You might add filters to add specific details like brand names and features.
  2. Online MarketplacesExplore popular online marketplaces that sell electrical switches. You might find the best brands of electrical switches on these marketplaces along with reviews and ratings which will provide you with a better understanding of the quality of the product. You can easily browse through various options compare the prices and buy the one that best suits your requirements.
  3. Specialized RetailersSome websites specialize in selling electrical appliances and equipment. Look for online retailers who have a range of electrical supplies. These retailers may have expertise in electrical components.
  4. Online CommunitiesJoin online discussion forums and social media groups regarding electronics, home needs, etc as the members of such groups have recommendations, tips, and resources for finding good-quality electrical switches.
  5. Check Reviews and RatingsBefore finalizing and buying this, go through the reviews properly and only rely on the products that have good ratings. This will help you in making the best decision as per your requirements.
  6. Compare Prices and QualityCompare the prices and quality of various products from different manufacturers and see what suits your budget and requirements the best. Check for warranties and features of the products.


It is very important to buy good quality electrical switches to prevent damage and accidents. It helps in interrupting the flow of electricity in a circuit as per the requirement which results in cost efficiency. Before buying this, make sure that the quality of the product is up to the mark and is from a well-known brand. Read the reviews and check the ratings carefully.

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