Top 8 Aluminium Door Manufacturers in India

By: | April 02 , 2024
Top 8 Aluminium Door Manufacturers In India

Are you looking for the best aluminium door manufacturer and supplier in India? At Mccoy Mart, we have got you covered. In this blog, we have jotted down India’s Top 8 aluminium door manufacturers, without wasting a minute, let’s explore.

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The demand for aluminium doors is becoming increasingly popular across India not only because of their durability, strength, and modern functionality but also because of their aesthetic appearance, low-cost maintenance, energy efficiency, eco-sustainability, etc.

Suppose you plan to install an aluminium door in your commercial or residential space. In that case, consider a few factors experience and expertise, durability, online reputation, and many more. Doors bought directly from the manufacturer can be the most economical and aesthetically pleasing choice as compared to other sources of aluminium doors purchase.

India’s Top 8 Aluminium Door Manufacturers:

  1. Alupure
  2. Fenesta
  3. Arcuzo Decor
  4. Alumil Buildmate
  5. Encraft India Pvt Ltd
  6. Kalco Alu-systems
  7. Tata Pravesh
  8. Eterina
  • Alupure:


Alupure aluminium systems are known for its comprehensive range of quality-made, economical, and best-in-class aluminium doors and aluminum windows. Counted among India’s top aluminium door manufacturers, alupure offers a wide range of best-in-class, quality-made, and fully customizable aluminium doors with guaranteed excellent modern functionality and aesthetic appearance.

  • Fenesta:

Fenesta building systems

Fenesta is another leading aluminium door manufacturer in India that offers three series of doors, luxury, super luxury, and ultra-luxury.

  • Arcuzo Decor:

Arcuzo Decor

Arcuzo Decor specializes in designing and manufacturing top-quality aluminium doors, a blend of modern aesthetics, modern functionality, and durability, offering stylish and authentic doors for residential and commercial spaces. With a focus on precision engineering and innovative design, Arcuzo Decor is known for excellence in aluminium door design and manufacturing.

  • Alumil Buildmate:

Alumil Buildmate

Alumil Buildmate is also one of the most preeminent manufacturers in India known for its superior workmanship, innovative techniques, and robust construction. They are popular for providing stylish, durable, and aesthetic doors in any space specified to your needs. With a commitment to quality and dedication to customer satisfaction, Alumil Buildmate has become India’s top brand for excellence in the door manufacturing industry.

  • Encraft India Pvt Ltd:

Encraft India Pvt. Ltd

Encraft India Pvt Ltd is a trusted aluminium door manufacturing company in India renowned for its cutting-edge technology, and modern and eco-friendly solutions, offering endurable, modern, and stylish door choices for any diverse space such as residential and commercial applications. With a focus on the creation and customer satisfaction, they specialize in delivering superior quality aluminium doors that meet the highest quality standard of aesthetics and performance.

  • Kalco Alu-systems:

kalco alu systems

Kalco Alu-systems is known for its diverse range of aluminium doors from the designs to superior craftsmanship, and commitment to dedication and quality. They offer sleek and durable door solutions for both residential and commercial projects. With a focus on personalization and customer satisfaction, Kalco Alu-systems provides high-performance aluminium doors that meet both the aesthetics and functionality of any space.

  • Tata Pravesh:

Tata Pravesh

Tata Pravesh is a trusted manufacturer, offering high-quality, durable doors and modern designs customized to any space, ensuring security, safety, and style for every project. With a focus on customer satisfaction and reliability, this reliable aluminium door manufacturing company strives to deliver superior-quality doors that meet strict quality standards when it comes to aesthetics, appearance, modern functionality, and more.

  • Eterina:


One of the most preeminent brands, they specialize in manufacturing premium. Robust and modern aluminium doors that combine sleek design with robustness and security, provide stylish and modern solutions for any space. Through their dedication and customer satisfaction, Eterina strives to deliver superior-quality doors that enhance the modern aesthetics and functionality of any space.


In a nutshell, Doors bought directly from manufacturing companies can be the most economical compared to other aluminum door sources. Choosing the right manufacturer depends on your diverse requirements and specific needs. These above-mentioned brands are India’s top aluminium door brands renowned for their quality and exceptional customer service all while staying within budget and on time. So what are you waiting for yet? Choose one of these brands and elevate the aesthetics of any space with a modern aluminium door.


Q-1. What are the top 8 Aluminium Door Manufacturers in India?
A-1. There are many reputed aluminium door manufacturers in India, such as Alupure, Fenesta, AIS Windows, Scheuco India, kalco, and more, renowned for manufacturing quality-made, economical, and fully custom-made aluminium doors within budget and on time.

Q-2. What Is The Aluminium Door Price Per Sqft?
A-2. Aluminium doors per Sqft may charge from Rs. 300 to Rs. 1000 or more depending on the diverse needs. The prices may also vary owing to diverse factors such as custom options, complexity in the design, overall aesthetic appearance, etc.

Q-3. How Much Does an Aluminium Door Cost?
A-3. Aluminium door comes in diverse varieties from diverse color options, to aesthetic designs, to custom options. On average, the aluminium door cost may range from Rs. 3000 to Rs. 15000 or more tailored to your diverse needs.

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