Types of Glass Doors

By: | November 04 , 2019
Glass Doors

Doors are one of the most important aspects of any home décor; besides setting the tone for the house, they have served several functions from protecting and shielding your privacy to adding to the aesthetic appeal of any house. Glass doors have risen in popularity owing to the significant rise in the usage of glass in modern and contemporary interiors today. Besides, glass doors have a distinctive calming influence while helping deliver style, light and isolating your home from the outside world. Here are some of the most practical and stylish options you can choose from if you’re planning on installing a glass door in your house which will which help create a feeling of airiness.

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  1. Sliding Doors

    • Sliding doors Also known as bypass doors, these doors open sideways with one section of the door gliding in front of the other. These doors allow for effortless and graceful operation while providing unobstructed access as these doors do not intrude into the room when they are open. They are often used on closets but can be used in practically any room in the house and helps to bring, continuity to any space by simply opening them up. They also make it possible to demarcate different spaces without encroaching on your living space.

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  2. Single Hinged Door
    Single Hinged Door

    Single Hinged Door

    • Commonly referred to as passage doors, Single Hinged doors are the most basic type of glass doors which can either swivel to the left or right and is suitable for both external as well internal usage. They are easy to install and comes with a left or right hinge fitment option and can even be custom built to suit your requirements. Coupled with a coloured glass this door reeks of understated style and elegance. Additionally, this door can also be teamed up with a fly screen to keep out pests and prying eyes.
  3. French Doors
    French Doors

    French Doors

    • French doors fit perfectly into any contemporary interior while giving a well-rounded view of the great outdoors without having to open the door. These doors help add a certain flair to your abode while helping make a dramatic statement both inside and outside your home. Basically a pair of single hinged doors, French doors help add unobstructed ventilation while connecting different living spaces by just opening it up on either side. You can play around with various styles of glass-like coloured, frosted, etched et al to find the exact look you need to cater to your refined and sophisticated taste.

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  4. Bi-Fold Door
    Bi-Fold Door

    Bi-Fold Doors

    • Bi-fold doors help create a spectacular appearance of the house using glass and are a must have to complement any contemporary home design. Also known as folding or bi-folding doors, bi-fold doors can be stacked on one side and also customised in any style which allows homeowners to enjoy sunlight and keep their privacy at the same time. Bi-fold glass doors help bring in the great outside closer to you home in an instant and can be framed or frameless.
  5. Pivot Door
    Pivot Door

    Pivot Doors

    • Pivot doors are designed for large, spectacular openings and are used to enhance entrance points within your home. Pivot doors can help create the perfect welcome to the entrance of your house and bring the outside in while adding a touch of luxury and class to your home. They rotate on a solid pivot box which can swing in, out or both inside and outside. These doors can be teamed up with toughened glass to add an element of security as well and prevent accidental breakage.
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