What are The Common Types of Kitchen Cabinets

By: | September 29 , 2022
kitchen cabinets

Here we Mention 8 Types of Kitchen Cabinet Designs

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    1. Shakers Kitchen Cabinet

Shakers Cabinets

This is the most common style. It consists of five pieces of flat panel creating a frame with four pieces and a single flat central panel which is the fifth piece.
Simple, nominal, traditional, basic. It has flat panel doors with rail frames, sturdy construction with good quality wood and interior designs.

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    1. Louvered Kitchen Cabinet

Louvered Kitchen Cabinet

These as the picture shows come with horizontal, wooden slats but are expensive. These are good for spaces that require ventilation as there are spaces between the slates like pantry doors.

    1. Flat Panel Kitchen Cabinet

flat panel kitchen cabinets

It has slab cabinet doors, flat panel kitchen cabinets. These have hard lines and minimal form. There are no expensive details. It’s good for modern kitchens. Slab doors have no frames. Simply solid slabs fitted in.

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    1. Inset Kitchen Cabinet

Inset kitchen cabinets

These are made with an inset door, set inside the cabinet frame. Each door is designed and built using precise kind of measurements to make sure the wood sits inside the frame and opens and closes correctly. The classic look is what is achieved here. These were mostly made in earlier times but expensive. Beaded construction is fitted into the cabinet door itself providing edge detail. It needs good craftsmenship.

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    1. Distressed Kitchen Cabinet

Distressed kitchen cabinets

As seen in the picture, these have inlay work on them and there is inscription in wood. This is traditional and very beautiful. Corners are rubbed off and other distressing work is done to give an old feel.

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    1. Bead Board Kitchen Cabinet

beadboard kitchen cabinets

Vertical planks with indentation or ridges called beads are put between each plank. This gives a unique texture. Farmhouses are a good place to find these. Cracks and crevices on this tile can be hard to clean and upkeep.

    1. Thermofoil Kitchen Cabinet

Thermofoil kitchen Cabinets

This is made of medium density fibreboard. This is most modern. The board is wrapped in plastic coating and baked under intense heat to be sealed. It comes in solid colors and are imitation kind of wood. It is inexpensive, easy to care for, moisture resistant, but requires low maintenance and has poor heat resistance. It should not be too close to a heat source such as a cooking range because the laminate may come loose of the veneer color.

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  1. Custom Kitchen Cabinet

custom kitchen cabinets

This means, made to order, according to your own design and in a way you like made by a carpenter or contactor.

Another classification of types of cabinets is Base cabinets which are stuck to the floor, work cabinets or wall cabinets, tall cabinets which go from a floor to a ceiling.

Base Cabinets

These are from the floor to the bottom of the countertops. They offer a large amount of storage space and store anything from cutlery items to big kitchen utensils. They also offer support to the kitchen slabs above giving them stability.

Types of Base cabinets

    1. Over-Head Cabinets

Over head cabinets

These normally are on the wall and way above the countertop and cooking range. They safely hold your spices and pulses and other essential, stable ingredients which must be close at hand while you cook. This is an option which you might not take especially above the cooking range as the wood above would get damaged by the heat and moisture as you cook below. They have lesser depth because you put in small jars which you need to access quickly while you are at your cooking job. They can go up to ceiling if you need more storage. The overhead larger cabinets can be another section altogether, storing not just kitchen stuff, but any collected stuff which you might not need immediately but still can’t discard.

    1. Tall Cabinets

Tall Cabinets

These can be floor to ceiling and can store large machines, cookie boxes, pull-out jars, ready to eat food items and more bulky items which you don’t use every day.

Now let’s discuss some basic material types for cabinets available in India.

  1. Plywood Cabinets

Plywood Cabinet

This is made by gluing together, layers of thin wood or veneers in a single sheet or wood. It is available in various thicknesses and is also very stable. It can also be then on further coated with plastic laminate material or wood veneer or themofoil material. This is for better sort of protection against termites, moisture and gives a smoother kind of finish. Modular kitchens have increased the use of plywood. Advantages of plywood are that it is moisture resistant and does not shrink or crack or warp. It is very durable. It is stronger than other engineered or created wood structures and can hold heavyweights. It is lighter than other boards so it is good for kitchen cabinets mounted on walls.

Other materials for kitchen cabinets are high density and medium density fiber board and natural wood particle board.

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