uPVC French Doors Vs. Sliding Doors – Which Door Is Right For You?

By: | February 15 , 2024
uPVC French Doors Vs. Sliding Doors - Which Door Is Right For You

Apart from the appearance of both types of windows and doors, there are other vital things to consider when choosing an ideal patio door, such as design and configuration, budget-friendliness, and thermal efficiency. So, whether you’re looking to elevate your existing doors or install a new set, our exclusive guide is here to help you every step of the way.

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In this blog, we are going to answer “uPVC French Doors vs. uPVC Sliding Doors – Which Door Is Right For You?”  and let’s Read on for a guide to the uPVC French Doors vs. uPvc Sliding Doors from the pros and cons of each door to advice on choosing the perfect option for you, we have got you covered. So without wasting a fraction of your time, let’s dive in!!

What Are French Doors?

Double Doors commonly known as french doors are two identical doors that open outwards. By extending into the garden, they create a spacious and expansive path from the inside out, particularly beneficial for the home or residential spaces with limited garden space.

Pros of French Doors

  • Seamless indoor and outdoor connection.
  • Enhanced exposure and natural light.
  • Improved airflow and ventilation.
  • Perfect aesthetics for conventional homes.
  • Spectacular views of outdoor surroundings.
  • Added elegance and architectural charm.
  • Versatile design options to meet any diverse requirement.
  • Increased curb appeal and property value.

Cons of French Doors

  • Limited privacy due to comprehensive glass panels.
  • Efficient space to swing open, limiting furniture placement.
  • Potential safety vulnerabilities with numerous panels.
  • May not be as energy-efficient as extra door types.
  • Higher maintenance requirements, such as maintaining seals and cleaning glass panels.

What Are Sliding Doors?

Patio doors (glass doors), commonly known as sliding doors, a movable doors that are made of metal or glass, they are created of moveable and stationary slides. When opened, the moveable side slides parallel to the stationary panel, overlapping its framework and design within budget and on time.

Pros of Siding Doors

  • Can be operated easily.
  • Adjust how much you would like the door to open.
  • Aesthetically pleasing and modern look.
  • Since they don’t swing, you are saving plenty of space when they’re open.
  • Large panes of glasses allow maximum exposure and light into your home.
  • Extremely secure modern and on-trend slide doors.
  • Thinner frames than French doors.

Cons of Siding Doors

  • Limited ventilation as compared to hinged doors.
  • Potential for debris accumulation or track damage.
  • No privacy due to the extensive glass panels.
  • Limited width of opening compared to hinged doors.
  • Frequent maintenance of tracks for effortless operations.

uPVC French Doors vs. Sliding Doors – Which is Right For You?

You should always consider productivity, when having windows or doors installed and the type of patio doors you have installed will play a vital role in how much heat is kept in your home.

Since sliding doors are mostly made up of metal or glass (which isn’t a very useful insulator) they don’t tend to be as useful as French doors when it comes to keeping the heat in. Whereas sliding doors are more likely to prevent drafts thanks to double or triple glazing and tighter seals, both options will help to improve the efficiency of the glass. Therefore, there are many ways to increase the efficiency of sliding patio doors, but as double or triple glazing can be utilized for french doors too, they are still the most efficient option.

Where To Buy Quality uPVC French Door And Sliding Door?

At Mccoy Mart, we are counted among India’s top-notch marketplaces for all your construction needs from uPVC doors and windows. We have top-notchuPVC door Fabricators/brands for high-quality, best-in-class, and cost-effective uPVC French doors and sliding doors. Whether you are searching for robust Sliding glass doors or uPVC fold doors, we have you covered.


Q-1. What Is The Main Difference Between uPVC French Doors And Sliding Doors?

A-1. The primary distinction between the uPVC French doors and sliding doors is their appearance and ways of operation. They have two panels that swing open on hinges, offering wide openings and traditional aesthetics.  On the other hand, sliding doors feature one or more panels that glide horizontally along a track, providing an aesthetic, space-efficient design with an on-trend and modern look.

Q-2. uPVC French Doors vs. Sliding Doors – Which Door Is More Space-efficient?

A-2. Sliding doors are commonly considered more space-efficient than uPVC French doors. This is because sliding doors glide horizontally along a track, needing minimal clearance to open and close. In contrast, uPVC French doors swing open on hinges and need extra space for the door panels to fully open. Therefore, sliding doors are commonly preferred for rooms or areas with limited space.

Q-3. Which Door Is Economical – uPVC French Doors Or Sliding Doors?

A-3. When it comes to cost-effectiveness, sliding doors are generally more cost-effective than uPVC French doors. They are generally less expensive to manufacture and install in comparison to French doors. Furthermore, sliding doors need no or less maintenance over time, resulting in lower long-term prices for homeowners.

Q-4. Where to buy quality-built uPVC French Doors?

A-4. For quality-made uPVC French doors and sliding doors, Mccoy Mart is your ultimate choice. As India’s trusted premier platform, Mccoy has thousands of uPVC Doors and windows brands offering a wide selection of top-notch uPVC French doors and sliding doors. With Mccoy Mart, you can check out various options, compare prices, and find an ideal door to meet your needs, all in one convenient location. Check out our uPVC doors and windows and let us elevate your space within budget.

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