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What is UPVC?

UPVC stands for un-plasticized poly vinyl chloride.UPVC is used as an alternative for wood in building industry, and employed in double glazed window frames and window sills. It is one of the most versatile materials that can be manufactured in various colours. It can also be made in such a way that it looks like other materials, such as wood, metal, etc.

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  • It is strong and cost-effective.
  • It is resistant to chemical and termite attack.
  • UPVC piping is less popular than PVC piping. However, it has smooth surface inside which does not cause hindrance to the water flow.
  • UPVC is recyclable and can be remadewith a design at high temperatures.
  • UPVC does not shrink or change under harsh weather conditions. It is ideal for window and door frames. UPVC windows and doors consumes less energy than wooden and metal window/doors
  • It has good insulation properties which makes them environmental friendly.
  • Extremely low in maintenance.

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What is PVC?

PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is thermoplastic composed of 57% chlorine (obtained from industrial grade salt) and 43% carbon (obtained mainly from oil/gas via ethylene). It is one of the widely used plastic in the world. It is commonly used as a replacement for copper and aluminum pipes but not used for window frame.

  • It is incredibly versatile and flexible material.
  • It is less durable as compared to UPVC.
  • It is resistant to oxidation, oil and a number of chemicals. It also withstand sunlight and flame.
  • PVC is used for unheated water. It is more suitable for cold water systems.
  • PVC can be used in a number of applications, pipes, recreational use/building, drainage systems, cable insulations, toys, etc.
  • It is not very expensive and affordable.
  • It is biodegradable material which has less impact on the environment.
  • Only 1 percent of PVC is recyclable unlike UPVC.

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What is CPVC?

CPVC stands for chlorinated polyvinyl chloride. It is also known as PVC’s cousin as they possess many similar properties.It is produced through a chlorination process of PVC resin.

  • It is lightweight and resistant to corrosion and tuberculation.
  • It is suitable for hot water applications. It can handle a temperature of 200F.
  • It is used for industrial liquid handling.
  • CPVC pipes has soft surface inside which makes easier to carry water in distant places.
  • It performs and sustains well in tough situation.
  • It is energy efficient.
  • Easy to handle and install.

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