What are the uses of Fiber Cement Boards

By: | August 23 , 2021

Fiber Cement Boards are also known as FRC Boards. These boards started getting manufactured in the early 80’s as an alternate to asbestos free cement based reinforced building materials. The uses of Fiber Cement Boards are –

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  • External CladdingFiber Cement boards are used as external cladding materials for buildings. They are available in various textures. The cladding is extremely durable with excellent weather resistance properties.
  • Internal and External Lining The Fiber Cement boards are used as an internal and external lining material. The internal lining is suitable for plastering or for tiles to be laid on it. The external lining can be finished with paint or any other textures or cladding materials.
  • Fire Rated Partitions – The Fiber Cement Boards are non-combustible materials and have very good fire resistance properties. They are widely used to make fire proof partitions.
  • Substrate for Tiling – The boards is used as a substrate for tiling on the floors and walls. It is a very strong material having very good water resistance properties which makes it a good base for tiling.
  • Acoustic Properties – They have very good sound insulation properties.
  • Water Resistance – They are used to water proof certain areas.

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