Vastu Shastra Tips for Wealth and Prosperity

By: | September 28 , 2022
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“Money can’t buy us happiness but it’s a lot more comfortable to cry in a Mercedes than to cry on a bicycle.”

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I read this somewhere the other day and it’s actually true. We can’t refute the fact that we are surrounded by Materialism and to sustain certain levels of Material happiness, Wealth and Prosperity become almost essential to a happy existence. If there is wealth, there is good food on the table, there are vacations, travels to exotic places, comforts of a luxury vehicle and most importantly, it becomes so much more easy to fulfil our little dreams and desires.

Right Vastu of your space can help you escalate the prosperity and abundance aspect in your life. It can open opportunities, give you financial gains and help you build your assets.

Here are a few Vastu Tips that can help you attract the Wealth into your space, be it your home or office.

A toilet in the North or East Zone is detrimental to opportunities and growth. While designing the house, ensure that there is no toilet placement in these 2 zones. For the same reason one must not have a kitchen in these zones either. The kitchen here will burn away the Prosperity Luck.

North being the zone of Lord Kuber, God of Wealth, you can place a statue of Lord Kuber in the North Zone. This will enhance your wealth Luck. You don’t need to pray to him but you should give him a place of respect. You can also place Kuber ji in your Locker. This will help you in attracting wealth into your locker.

Lord Kuber

A water fountain in the North also enhances the luck of Wealth making opportunities. Make sure that the fountain is never placed in the bedroom. It can be placed in your garden, porch, entrance, balcony or even your living room. The water fountain should always be facing towards your house. Water symbolises wealth. When the water is constantly flowing and getting collected at the same time, it symbolises the wealth flowing into your life and staying with you. That’s why it is so important to ensure that your tanks never overflow. Constant wastage of water can lead to wealth flowing out of your house.

Pineapple Fountain

Placing an aquarium is also a great way to enhance the wealth energies in your house. Aquarium should only be placed if you take the responsibility of feeding the fish on time and with utmost care. Remember, it’s a living being and if you must keep it in your space you must take good care of them. Fish dying constantly or too soon, attaches you to the negative karma.

Laughing Buddha is a wonderful symbol of prosperity. We have many types available in the market. Buy the one that resonates with you. Some of them come with many symbols attached to them – Chinese coins around them are symbolic of wealth. Similarly, Ingot (looks like a boat and often seen with Laughing Buddha) is also a symbol of wealth. Dragon on their bodies is for good health and children along with laughing Buddha are a symbol of happiness. Choose the one that you most aspire for. You can even choose a Laughing Buddha with all of these symbols. Place it in such a way that it sits diagonally across the entrance door and faces the Entrance door.

laughing buddha

Healthy plants in the East bring growth energy to the house. Plants in the Southeast help you in building Assets and accumulating wealth. Some plants that are truly auspicious are Jade, tangerine/ Chinese oranges, Money Plant, Palm and bamboos. Please do not display Bonsai and Cactus in your space. Bonsai leads to stunted growth and you will feel the inability to grow. Cactus causes a lot of negative energy and over a period of time it becomes detrimental to all good things in your life. Do not keep dying or wilting plants in your space either.

Most importantly, always dress well. Today’s generation has started undermining the good effects of gold on the body. Wearing gold not only enhances the fortune luck but it also enhances Jupiter in our Planetry Charts. Jupiter is the Planet of Wealth and Wisdom both. In fact, when we talk of Power Dressing, White and Gold make for a very strong combination. Red and Gold also brings a lot of auspicious energy into our space. For women, a little red on the cheeks and colour on their lips enhances their success quotient.

Whether its our house or whether its us, a little effort goes a long way in enhancing the Wealth factor in our lives. Do try these little tips.

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