7 Home Renovation Ideas for Bathroom & Walls in India

By: | August 18 , 2022
Home Renovation Ideas

For people looking forward to increase the value of their home and appearance, wall renovation might just be the perfect answer. But from where should you begin? Well, the first step would be to have a budget plan. This is because for an average homeowner, the task of renovation is a daunting task. The thing that you must remember is the fact that there would always be some or the other unexpected costs. For instance, you would notice that you might need to replace the cladding which you hadn’t noticed earlier. So, it is advisable to always be prepared to that. The next thing would be to decide which home project you should invest in.

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Listed below are some of the wall renovation ideas that would not only add some aesthetic value but would also increase the value of your home.

  1. Modern Motifs

    Modern Motifs
    Wood cladding definitely doesn’t have to be limited to the farmhouse design. Brimming with modern appeal, this bedroom has wood cladding on its walls which looks rather sophisticated. You can add it to your bed room for that simple yet chic look.
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  2. Airy Aesthetic

    Airy Aesthetic
    Add wainscoting and large columns on your walls like this one to take the game to an entirely new level. Consider a white detail against really subtle colors in order to achieve that elegant dimension. You can install HPL sheets too if you want.
    Airy Aesthetic1
    Wainscoting done on the walls of the entire room also looks amazing. This living room has looks unique as well as snug and is ought to draw some attention.

  3. A Warm and Inviting Dining Room

    A Warm and Inviting Dining Room
    Chic modern pieces of furniture blended with a rustic contemporary wainscoting like this one can help you create that vintage vibe that is rather inciting. The design is simple and yet would draw attention. You could even consider using ACP sheets for that modern look.

  4. A Rustic Family Room

    A Rustic Family Room
    If your budget permits, you could think of introducing paneling for the walls similar to what is done here in order to get that dose of traditional vibe in your house. You could make use of rich woods as they help in creating an inviting space that is laid back and yet luxurious.
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  5. A Romantic Bathroom Retreat

    A Romantic Bathroom Retreat
    With subtle paint colors and elaborate details, you can achieve a Victorian-inspired look for your bathroom like this one. Molding and trim on the walls would add architectural dimension which would enrich the luxurious experience.

  6. Cottage Vibe

    Cottage Vibe
    You could add instant charm to a boring wall by installing WPC Sheets or wood paneling in a subtle tone like this one. In this bedroom old pieces of wood in white and blue colors have been used which give that rustic cottagey feel. You can create an inviting cheerfulness and comfortable ambience in your bedroom by mixing and matching colors and designs of cushions and bed sheets.
    Cottage Vibe1
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    This is a great way to give your cabin a makeover if you are going to use it as a cabin. Warm colored woods give this room a cottage vibe that looks cozy, inviting and comfortable.
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  7. A Twist to the Classic Paneling

    A Twist to the Classic Paneling
    A great way to dress up the walls is by installing white paneling. This living area has white paneling installed where rest of the things have been kept minimalistic. This is rather simple and yet manages to look elegant.
    You definitely can do a lot when it comes to renovating your house. Your primary focus should be on small upgrades and energy efficient products. You could choose to paint your walls as it beings a lot of changes to the room. However, consider the furnishing of the room so as to complete the look of the room. All these would add comfort and character to your home.

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