Guide to Wash Basin Size for the Perfect Sink Your Kitchen Deserves!

By: | October 13 , 2022
Wash basin standard size

Washbasins are an important part of your house. You need to fix these sinks in your kitchen as well as bathrooms. They are available in various shapes and designs. There are also many Wash Basin Sizes too. Before buying a lavatory, you need to know about the types of sinks that are there. Knowing them you can say, which one suits your home.

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Before buying lavatories you should measure out the space available for fitting. Once you know how much space you have, you can measure a pedestal or a countertop. This guide will help you to buy the correct type of lavatory for your home and provide tips for selecting the perfect Wash basin sizes.

There are many Varieties of Sinks That can be Spotted in the Market

To Select the One That is the Perfect Model and Dimension for Your Home, You Should Know the Types Available

  • Pedestal: These are mounted on a stand that holds their weight. The pipeline fittings for the inlet and outlet are concealed within it. They are generally made from ceramic and are widely seen. You can get many designs of it too. They occupy some space as they are installed on the floor.
  • Tips for dimension: For buying a pedestal sink you need to measure the height of the lavatory model from the floor to the hole for the tap. The width can be measured by calculating the distance of the bowl from one corner to another. Once you know that the height and width are apt for the space you have in your house, you can buy that model.
  • Wall-mounted sink: Wall-mounted models are fitted on the wall, and the total weight rests upon it. They take less space as it is installed on the wall. Unlike the pedestals, the wall-mounted models don’t have concealed pipelines. Yet, there are many fancy designs from which you can buy.
  • Tips for dimension: If you purchase this kind, you only need to measure the size of the bowl from one corner to another. Even if you don’t have enough space at your home you can install this model. There are models of wall mounted Wash basin small size.
  • Countertop sinks: Countertop sinks have their bowls installed on a bathroom cabinet. These bowls are easy to be relocated from one place to another. It is one of the trendiest lavatories that are available in the market.
  • Tips for dimension: To purchase this kind, you need to measure the length and breadth of the vanity on which you want to fix the bowl. Depending on the height of the vanity, you should buy a proportionate lavatory.
  • Under-mount sinks: These are the opposite of countertop sinks. Like the countertops that are fitted on the cabinet, under-mount are fitted in the vanity. The appearance is as if it is a single piece, however, it is not.
  • Tips for dimension: To purchase this, you need to measure the Wash basin size in inches. An additional measurement needs to be taken of the depth of the vanity within which this lavatory will be fitted.
  • Semi pedestal sinks: They are similar to the pedestal models, but instead of the bowl being mounted on the stand, it is mounted on the wall. Not only that, this model does not use the floor area. The pedestal as the name suggests is semi or half. So the stand us also mounted on the wall, concealing the inlet and outlet pipe.
  • Tips for size: To measure the Wash basin dimensions for a semi pedestal model, you need to measure the height from the foot of the semi pedestal to the tap. To get the width you have to measure the two corners of the lavatory.

Wash basin small size

The Standard Size to Choose When it Comes to Wash Basins

Wash basin standard size varies due to the two types of back the lavatories have. The two types are: flat back and angle back. Flatbacks have a straight and uniform back and directly fits in the wall. Corner sinks have angled backs that fit in the corner only and not in a straight way.

Wash Basins Price & Sizes

Wash BasinsSizesPrice
Square Shape Wall Hung Basin Without Faucet 550 mm Rs. 5,530
Counter Ceramic Basin Square Lav (Matt White) [(L) 40.5 x (W) 40.5 x (H) 16.8cm]Rs. 19,440
Rio Basin -Large, White With Black Outside [(L) 500 x (W) 380 x (H) 175 mm] Rs. 77,000
Caralyn Table Top Thin Rim Wash Basin Without Faucet, Gloss Finish [(L) 400 x (W) 350 x (H) 100 mm]Rs. 2,070
Globus Deluxe Big Stainless Steel Wash Basin (510 mm)Rs. 2,961
Bacino Round Wash Basin Without Faucet 420 mmRs. 7,066
  • Standard dimensions of flat back sink 660mm, 460mm, 200mm – length, breadth height.
  • Standard Corner wash basin small size: 400mm, 400mm, 290mm – length, breadth, height.

There are different sizes of models available in the market. Choose a standard dimensioned model keeping in mind the tips mentioned above. This will ensure you a proper purchase.

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