What are the types of sealants used for natural stone and vulnerable materials?

By: | September 09 , 2021

Natural Stone and other vulnerable materials are usually used in bathrooms, kitchens, floors, walls, around swimming pools etc. They enhance the beauty of the place and give a very decorative look to the space. They are usually porous and prone to damage if not sealed properly. Hence it is very important to seal this material correctly.

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There are generally three kinds of sealants used for Natural Stone and Vulnerable materials –

Topical Sealers –

They are made from polyurethanes , acrylics or natural wax.They form the top layer of the natural stone but tend to wear out relatively quickly specially on high-traffic areas of flooring.These sealers are not breatheable , they do not allow the escape of water vapour and other gases nor are they effective against acid attack.

Penetrating Sealers-

The most penetrating sealers are siliconates , fluoro-polymers and siloxanes which repel liquids.These sealers penetrate the surface of the stone so as to anchor the material properly on to the surface.These sealants are breatheable but not effective against acid attack.They are longer lasting than topical sealers.

Impregnating Sealers-

Impregnating sealers use silanes or modified silanes. This material penetrates deeply into the material filling it with molecules which bond to the capillary pores of the stone and repels water or oils from the material.Some sealers penetrate enough to protect against acid attack.

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