What are Veneer Sheets & Its Types

By: | August 18 , 2022
Veneer Sheet Types

Veneer in carpentry parlance refers to a very thin slice of wood. The veneer is put to use by gluing it on to a surface which includes but is not limited to wood, medium density fiberboard, or particle board.  You can add veneers to these boards and use it for doors, top of the tables, furniture, parquet floors etc.

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What are the veneer sheets?

You can understand the answer to the question what is veneer sheets better if you consider the meaning of the term veneer. The term veneer means a very thin coating over a solid material that is done to achieve an attractive looking surface.  Likewise, veneer sheet refers to a thin sheet of material that is glued to a solid material, so that the solid unattractive piece now looks exotic and expensive though only a thin sheet of expensive material in the form of veneer is wrapped around it. the veneer is just 1/8th inches in thickness

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Types of veneers

an As far as woodwork is concerned  Hardwood veneers are the commonly used material.  What is hardwood veneer? The hardwood veneer is nothing but a thin slice of hardwood that is glued to a piece of plywood, or particle board which is comparatively cheaper which is called the substrate. But the result expected is that even the substrate should be considered to be an expensive type of wood.  Therefore, the ultimate aim of using a wood veneer is to bring out a high-end solid wood item look at a lower cost in terms of labor cost, the time taken to manufacture as well as material cost.

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The common types of wood veneer include

1. Raw wood veneer

This refers to veneer sheets made using different species of wood. The Oak, birch, teak, Rosewood, Mahogany, cedar, ash, cherry, maple, eucalyptus etc. are different types of veneer woods. The raw wood veneer is very attractive owing to the natural wood grain patterns you can see on them.  The wood veneers are durable and resilient. The advantage of raw wood veneer is that you can use both the sides.  but,   when you finish the veneer by polishing, you would notice that the wood cells have transformed to give an attractive look.   The only disadvantage is that you can use it only for flat surfaces because efforts are not made to match the wood grains in the manufacturing process

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2. Backed Veneers

These are veneers that come with incorporated additional material that would serve to provide strength and flexibility to the veneer. This is an expensive type of veneer. This veneer can be used for curved surfaces with ease. The drawbacks in raw wood veneer are almost absent in this veneer because the veneers are matched for grains during the manufacturing process and that are available as small medium and large sized sheets. It is an ideal type of veneers for furniture.

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3. Rotary-cut veneer

It gets its name from the process used to manufacture it. This is a cheap variety of wood veneer that is obtained by spinning a log on a lathe. The cutter slices the log into thin sheets as the lathe turns.

4. Shop- sawn veneer

This refers to wood veneers that are being produced by the woodworkers manually. This veneer would usually be thicker than the other veneers. The veneer is sawn using a band saw or a mechanized saw. However, the disadvantage is that they cannot be used for curved surfaces owing to the thickness.

5.  Laminate veneer

This refers to types of veneer sheets material that is evolved by pressing together fine layers of wood. It is considered to be the most versatile veneer that can be used effectively for a number of applications.

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6. Veneer core plywood

What is veneer core plywood? It is slightly different from types of veneers and is used mainly for panel construction. It is a versatile product with greater dimensional stability and strength. This applies both length and breadthwise.  The veneer of hardwood is glued between layers of ply to get veneer core plywood which is usually thicker than raw wood veneers.

The different types of veneers are used in interior decoration, making of furniture and paneling to be used in the interiors. They are without a doubt ideal substitutes for solid wood.

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