What is a Structural Glazing Tape?

By: | September 06 , 2019

Structural Glazing Tape is a very strong High Performance double sided tape used in Curtain Wall, Commercial Windows and other Structural Glazing systems. Structural Glazing Tape is fully cured, it has a viscoelastic nature and a very high and durable bonding strength; it is made with acrylic Foam and is primarily used to fix glass with a metal framework. Structural Glazing tape has replaced mechanical fasteners, Structural sealants, bolts and Stiffeners.

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Advantages of Structural Glazing Tape

The main advantages of Structural Glazing Tape are –

  • Structural Glazing tape is a very easy method to fix glass onto a metal frame in comparison to a wet bonding system using structural sealants and the use of metal fasteners and the process of welding.
  • The structural glazing tape acts as a very good sealing agent and guards against dirt, wind, chemicals and moisture.
  • Structural glazing tape bonds immediately and does not require any further drying time, cleaning and saves the fixing process of glass and metal from any additional mess at site.
  • Structural Glazing Tape is highly durable and weatherproof with resistance to UV, moisture, extreme heat and cold.
  • Time saving and involves less labour.
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