What is ACP (Aluminium Composite Panel)?

By: | May 25 , 2024

To start with what is ACP? We must know that aluminum composite panel is formed when two sheets of aluminum are joined with an ore, which is non-aluminum in nature. This forms a composite aluminum panel. Here the inner section can be polyethylene. However, the external layer could be additionally layered using PVDF or Poly Vinylidene Fluoride.

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What is ACP Cladding’s full form?

Many of us wonder about the ACP sheet’s full form. ACP board full form is aluminium composite panel, and it is widely utilized in various sorts of construction projects due to its versatility and various types that meet many construction needs.

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What are the distinguishing characteristics of Aluminium Composite Panels?

Knowing about the ACP panel’s full form is not enough; one must understand its characteristics for the best application. In this context, discussed below are the key characteristics of aluminum composite panels.

  • First of all, ACP is lighter in weight. However, it is tough and enduring in nature, as well. This is the reason that ACP is mostly preferred to be used with the outer cladding. Also, such characteristics make it suitable for making signage.
  • ACP panel is highly preferred these days for the beautification of buildings. It is highly desired for building design when combined with glass curtain wall arrangements.
  • ACP panel is absolutely weather-resistive in nature. In fact, the shades of it don’t get faded under the sun’s rays as well.
  • The best part about the ACP panel is that one can easily find it, irrespective of the nation. Moreover, it is quite cost-effective in nature. This is considered one of the easiest materials from an installation perspective. Also, these materials require the least maintenance.
  • One can find ACP in varieties of shades. No matter whether you go with metallic shade or non-metallic, it can emulate the shade of wood and marble thoroughly over it. This is one of the prime reasons behind the enormous popularity of ACP. In the cladding material segment, especially, ACP is considered the most preferred material.
  • In terms of heat insulation characteristics, Aluminium Cladding is considered simply the best. Similarly, its characteristics of sound resisting are quite good as well.
  • These are extensively fire-resistive in nature. This is the reason that it is preferred for external cladding systems.
  • There remains a thermoplastic core, which helps in binding the layers together. In fact, the structure of such is the prime reason that makes it incredible for the outer cladding systems. Being used on the exterior of the building, it provides a glossy look and ensures greater weather protection.

Aluminium composite panel is Cost-effective & flexible in nature

When it comes to cutting or changing the shape, ACP cladding is always the preferred one. As far as being exposed to the air is concerned, ACP is highly reliable for the aluminum oxide layer it forms. This exposure safeguards the ACP panel from getting damaged by rust and issues of corrosion. Though the ACP panel is slim and lightweight in nature, one can thicken it through the process of anodization. No need is to worry about the endurance of this effect as ACP doesn’t get affected due to the effects of the sun.

People looking for easy-to-maintain material can undoubtedly trust ACP. For its characteristic of not catching dust, maintaining its cleanliness is never a big deal. Only rare cleaning can also keep it perfectly glossy.

Different types of ACP panel

After knowing what is ACP panel and its characteristics, it is important to know its types. One can find it in various options like Alucobond, Alpoli, Vitrabond, etc. It is suggested that one should understand the characteristic of each prior to opting to go with the same. Among these, Alucobond is most preferred for its commercially crucial characteristics. Firstly, it is made up of a couple of layers of aluminum cover sheer.

Its core layer is made up of polyethylene. The distinguishing part of the material is the smoothness it offers through its surface. At the same time, it is quite flexible in nature as well. One can prefer it for strenuous processes for the greater stability it ensures. One can find it in a huge variety of color options. Interestingly, it is possible to vary the color or shades as well in accordance with the requirement.

The other types possess similar characteristics as well, with little variation in their extents. However, each kind of ACP is equally weathered and resistive in nature. These are absolutely shocking preventive as well, which makes them the best option for the external layers. Their ability to endure vibration is simply unmatchable.

Vitrabond is recommended for those who want something cost-effective. Similarly, Alpolic is recommended for those who are looking for a flat ACP. In fact, Alpolic is considered one of the strongest of its kind ACP as well. Hence, one can select the specific kind of ACP as per the need.


Being suitable from an installation perspective, ACP has been the top pick among architects. Its lightweight characteristic makes it the most user-friendly in nature. Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the concerned buyer to ensure that the ACP is qualitatively good enough for the desired application.

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