What is Annealed Glass?

By November 01 , 2019

The basic form of Glass used in the construction industry is known as Annealed Glass and it is the most commonly used glass in windows. It is also known as standard ‘Float Glass’. Annealed Glass goes through further processing to create other forms of Glass like Toughened Glass, Laminated Glass and Coated Glass. Annealed glass is also available in curved shapes which are used in shop windows, display counters etc.

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The process of Annealing of Glass includes heating of the glass to a high temperature and then slowly cooling it down to relieve any internal stresses. Basic glass changes its properties by the process of annealing.

When Glass is not annealed it retains its thermal stresses which reduce the strength of the glass. Hence non-annealed glass is more likely to crack when exposed to high temperature changes and any kind of mechanical shocks.

Under pressure Annealed Glass breaks into large pieces of glass which can cause serious injury, hence it is avoided in certain areas which have high risk of breakage. Precautions should be taken in deciding the areas in which annealed glass should be used.