What is Cold Extrusion?

    By June 15 , 2016
    • Cold Extrusion is a process conducted at room temperature or a slightly warm temperature. It is also known as cold forging or cold pressing.
    • Metals like copper, tin, titanium, steel, aluminium alloys can be extruded through the cold process.
    • In the cold extrusion process the raw metal is passed through the upper dye, high pressure is applied and it is forced through the cross section of the specially designed dye orifice. Hence the material achieves high strength and stability.
    • This process is used to manufacture cylinders , automobile pistons , fire extinguishers ,aluminium cans.
    • The mechanism involves low energy consumption and a very ecofriendly clean environment to work in.
    • No oxidation takes place as in the hot extrusion process.

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