What is Jamb Cladding?

By: | September 21 , 2022

What is Jamb Cladding?

The trend of door jamb cladding is increasing in recent times. Jamb cladding is usually done with materials like extruded plastic, vinyl, and more. Jamb claddings can be manufactured from a number of extruded plastic materials, including cellular plastic, fiber-filled plastic, hollow rigid plastic, and granular filled plastic. It not only enhances the look of your doors but also helps to avoid the need for painting the doors. While many people wonder what is jamb cladding, it is actually a type of protective covering that is used for the door jambs.
Jamb refers to the vertical member that forms the sides of the doors as well as window frames. With cladding, offering optimum protection to the door jamb becomes easy. The cladding offers a weather-tight seal to the doors when it is closed into the frame.

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Benefits of Jamb Cladding

After knowing what is jamb cladding, it is important to know its various benefits. Cladding the door jambs of your home can offer you a number of benefits. Here is a list of top benefits that jamb cladding can offer you.

  1. Aesthetic Value

    Aesthetic value is the main reason behind opting for the jamb cladding. With jamb cladding, you can easily enhance the look of the door frames, which in turn makes your entire house even more beautiful.

  2. Smooth Operation

    Everyone likes to have a smooth operation of the doors and windows at home. Availing jamb cladding for your doors as well as windows can help in ensuring smooth operation. Apart from effortlessly opening and closing of doors, cladding also helps in avoiding the disturbing sounds.

  3. Consider paint

    In order to maintain the jambs of doors or windows in good condition, you may require to paint it from time to time. Especially when you have wooden doors and windows, painting becomes even more essential to prevent damage due to termites. But with jamb cladding, you can save big on the painting expenses. With the protective layer, you will not have to worry about rotting or other damages to your door jamb.

  4. High Durability

    Jamb cladding can also help in increasing the durability of your doors and windows. It offers them protection from termites, water damages, extreme weather conditions, and other types of damages. Jamb cladding also offers structural strength to the door and window jambs. With enhanced protection, jamb cladding helps in enhancing the durability and avoids the need for repair or replacement.

  5. Saves Cost

    By offering protection and avoiding the need for maintenance or painting, jamb cladding helps the homeowners in making big savings. It helps in reducing various types of expenses required for the effective maintenance of the door jambs.
    Knowing what is jamb cladding and understanding its benefits paves the way for availing the protective covering for your door and window jambs. With numerous benefits, you must consider installing jamb claddings in your home. With jamb cladding, ensuring hassle-free maintenance and adding value to your home becomes simple as well as easy.

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