What is Laminated Plywood – It’s Types and Design

By: | August 16 , 2022
Laminated Plywood

You might know that plywood is made of thin sheets or slices of wood that are bonded or glued together by pressing under high pressure. The thin sheet of wood is called a ply and a number of plies are arranged one on top of the other and glued together to get the plywood. The thickness of the slices and the number of slices depends on the thickness of plywood that is expected to be made.

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Laminated Plywood

Laminated plywood could actually mean different things to different people. It could refer to the process of heat pressing the sheets to form the board. You have decorative laminate sheets marketed by brands like Formica, sunmica etc, which can be glued to the plywood for protective and decorative purposes. The plywood that is finished by adding this decorative laminate is also called laminated plywood. Nowadays, it is believed that you have the major plywood companies making pre-laminated plywood sheets, which reduces the trouble of having to glue the laminate manually to the plywood. But, a word of caution is that you should not confuse a particle board with the pre-laminated plywood. The pre-laminated plywood is, however, no available as prominently as the particle boards. Therefore, you have to be careful when you buy one that the dealer claims to be pre-laminated plywood. You can get the help of the carpenter to find the difference. Particle board is not plywood by any means. Thin sheets of wood veneer or substrates that are used to make the laminate panel is what is considered laminated plywood.

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Why are Laminated Plywoods Preferred?

The laminated plywoods are resistant to impacts of the differing weather conditions, they are water and moisture resistant, and resistant to chemicals as well. They are made sticking to stringent quality standards. It is durable and longlasting than the decorative laminates. The White laminated plywood differs from sunmica and formica in that the while laminate used is a thin sheet of timber while sunmica is a blend of plastic and paper.

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Types of Laminated Plywood

The types of laminated plywood vary depending on the types of laminates that are used on the plywood. The types of laminates for plywoods include

  1. Types based on the amount of pressure applied

    1. High-Pressure Laminates

      They are made by attaching décor paper to the sheets at high pressure These laminates are capable of bearing heavy load and they are extremely durable.

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  1. Low-pressure Laminates

    this is usually used to laminate particle board, MDF etc. the process involves using decorative paper soaked in melamine resin on to the board.

  1. Types of laminates based on the thickness

  1. Regular sheets

    This refers to sheets that are .8mm to 1.5mm thick. They are glued to the plywood manually using adhesives

  2. Compact sheets

    The thickness of these sheets range from 3mm to 30mm. The laminated plywood cut to size are self-supporting they can be used as such for certain applications too. They may have a decorative top or bottom surfaces.

  1. Types of laminates based on how it is to be used

    1. Industrial laminates

      These laminates are used for industrial applications. They are strong, fire resistant, scratch resistant and are capable of withstanding the wear and tear and are highly durable too. Features like fire resistance, chemical resistance, and anti-bacterial properties are additional merits of these laminates.

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    1. Decorative laminates

      They are hard sheets that come in different colors, textures, and designs. They are 1mm thick and give a finished look to the interior elements it is used for. The laminated plywood design is however slightly limited than that you would find in lamination for particle boards.
      You also have solid colored laminates, gloss or matt finished ones as well as textured ones that can be put to use appropriately.

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Uses of Laminated Plywood.

The uses of laminated plywood are innumerable. It can be used in the interiors, exteriors, furniture making and various other applications including laminating plywood curves with ease. They can be used to make doors, partitions, false ceiling, cabinets, shelves, sheathing etc. you also have special laminated boards that are used for billboards, electrical boxes etc. They are also used in interior decorations in large industries, hospitals, airports, banks, and hotels.

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