What is Polyurethane Sealant?

By: | July 20 , 2022

Polyurethane Sealants are sealants that are manufactured through the reaction of glycol and isocyanate.It is a compound having good resistance to moisture and corrosion and  is highly noted for its flexibility.

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A common problem with joints is the expansion and contraction of the joint. Due to the flexible nature of the material it is highly resistant to cracking which is caused due to the movement of joint materials.

In addition to producing an excellent sealing compound, polyurethane is often used as a wood coating. The same factors that make it a good sealant contribute to its effectiveness as a coating. Polyurethane’s resistance to abrasion, its scuff resistance, makes the product a superior wood finish for floor coating. It finds its use in heavy traffic areas and is recommended for decking and flooring because it works better on outdoor and weathered surfaces without damaging the base material.

It is a good sealant and can adhere to masonry, wood, concrete, steel, vinyl, and most plastics. Its flexible and durable finish not only protects these vulnerable materials, but, when used as a coating, provides a gleaming, blemish-free finish. Some experts recommend using it over powder coating for protecting the metal.

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