What is Portland Slag Cement?

By: | August 17 , 2016

Slag Cement is also known as Green Cement and is manufactured by using the byproduct of blast furnace slag from steel. The use of byproducts helps in reducing the environmental pollution and manufacturing quality building materials which are ecofriendly in nature.  Slag cement emits the least amount of CO2 during production and the least amount of heat during concreting. Slag Cement is composed of around 80% slag and 20% hydrated lime. The characteristics of Portland Slag Cement and their advantages over ordinary cement are –

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  • Slag Cement has good compressive strength.
  • Good resistance to chemicals and alkalis.
  • Low risk of cracking.
  • Gives a very good finish.
  • It has a reduced permeability.

It is widely used in the construction of dams, industrial projects, water reservoirs, concrete roads, infrastructure projects, marine projects, precast construction, foundations and pile construction.

Slag Cement is a good recycled material which helps in pollution management and conservation of natural resources. It efficiently reduces the energy consumption and the amount of greenhouse gases that would otherwise have been emitted into the environment during the manufacture of concrete raw materials.

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