What is Sentryglas?

By: | August 25 , 2022

Sentryglas Ionoplast is the layer that is sandwiched between two pieces of glass to form laminating glass. This layer is 5 times stronger and around multifold times stiffer than the conventional laminating material used between laminated glasses.

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The characteristics of sentryglas used as an interlayer between 2 pieces of glass are –

    • Sentryglas is a safety glass, in case of breakage all the glass fragments are held intact to the interlayer.
    • It is very strong and can be used as a security glass; it finds wide applications in creating bulletproof glass. It is resistant to storms, high wind loads, and hurricanes.
    • Highly durable material and is easy to maintain.
    • It is flexible and versatile as the glass can be curved, wired, tinted, annealed, heat-strengthened and designs or images can be printed on them.
    • It is highly UV resistant and resistant to external weather conditions.
    • Easy to maintain and retains its shine for a long span of time.
    • Sentryglas finds its applications in creating transparent pedestrian walkways, structural glass flooring, glass canopies, and safety glass railings. It is also considered to be a composite glass product.


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