What is Sliding Window?

By: | July 14 , 2022

Sliding Windows are windows that are used in modern homes giving the interiors a very contemporary look. These windows have bearing wheels that make the widows slide horizontally. In the upvc sliding windows system, the opening is divided into equal parts as per the required dimensions of sliding window panes, one glass pane is fixed and the other windows slide over the fixed pane. They are available in various colors, designs, and materials.

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Where are sliding windows used?

If you have a large area, you should choose a sliding window since they are not designed to fit vertically longer than horizontally. They work well in bigger spaces, such as living rooms and dining rooms, as well as places that demand more natural light, such as the kitchen. These aren’t ideal for bathrooms, but they can be altered if needed. They have a streamlined appearance that complements modern dwellings. Home design is still all on simplicity and minimalism, and this casement exemplifies both. They may appear out of place in an older structure for the same reasons that they may fit modern homes and cottages.

Sliding Windows: Understanding the Mechanism

These are popular because of their simple form and ease of use. To open or close it, the sashes glide back and forth along a horizontal track. Pushing it to the left or right is required; depending on the version, one or both panes may be movable in the same way. The mechanism that allows a sash to go open and shut. An open spiral with a hollow, longitudinally extending center, a rotator for rotating the open spiral about its center, and a coupling device for connecting the open spiral to a sash are all part of the mechanism.

The advantages of sliding windows are:–

  • These windows can cover large spans which is not possible in a double-hung window, hence providing unconstructive views.
  • Sliding windows are very easy to operate with a touch of a finger; the bearing wheels make the windows slide very efficiently.
  • Easy to use and requires very low maintenance. Cleaning the windows from the outside can be a problem.
  • It is of great advantage to use it in small spaces where the hand is difficult to reach.
  • Sliding windows could be powder coated, made in aluminum. Different kinds of glass-like Low-E glass could be used for the window panes. It also helps in the energy efficiency of the interior space as it is locked so as to create a tight seal.


Why is it called a Sliding Window?

Sliding or Slider windows are double-hung casements that are turned on their side rather than standing upright. They can be opened by pushing or pulling the sashes from the left or right or vice versa along with a track. In other regions of the world, these are known as horizontal sliding sash windows. These are broad and rectangular in design in common styles, with a center bar running between the two sides. This gives you a wide perspective of the outside world and allows in a lot of light. It’s a pretty straightforward design with clean lines. The basic beauty of the design appeals to many homeowners. 

Features of sliding windows

  • Unobstructed views: They offer a beautiful view of the outdoors, which is one of its finest features. There isn’t much to hinder your vision because they have a limited frame. These are also typically broader than they are tall, giving them the appearance of a picture type.
  • Sunshine and Ventilation: These are often larger in size since they are used to cover a huge surface area. They open wider since it has large panes. As a result, you will be able to let in a lot of natural light and fresh air.  It is one of the best types of ventilation.
  • Functional Ease: Because of their basic design, they are generally fairly easier to operate options for a replacement despite their great size. It opens and closes by working along a track.
  • Accessibility: It’s also simple to open and close since it works on a horizontal track. These are an excellent option if you are becoming older and worried about accessibility. They are also ideal for hard-to-reach areas such as stairwells and narrow corridors. You can open it as long as you can get to the bottom of it. 

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