What is Smoke Ventilation?

    By August 01 , 2016

    Fire is a major threat to the well-being of all the buildings and its occupant’s .The main reasons for calamities and the loss of lives in the event of a fire is choking due to inhalation of smoke.

    Smoke Ventilation is the prime requisite for the safety of the building occupants in case of fire. This ventilation system can be integrated with the duct work and dampers of the building. The main function of smoke ventilation is to reduce the spread of smoke ensuring less damage to the building and allow safety evacuation of its occupants. It also allows visibility so that the firemen can douse the fire efficiently.

    Mechanical and automatic smoke ventilation systems can be integrated in the building. In an automatic system once there is a fire the dampers will open immediately and let the smoke pass, these dampers are reinforced with heavy duty exhaust fans which suck the smoke out of the building. The mechanical dampers have to be mechanically opened and it is not very reliable as it depends on the wind flow and air circulation. Natural windows provide natural ventilation and in case of fire the smoke filled air is replaced with fresh air. Periodic maintenance of the mechanical and automatic smoke ventilation systems is required.

    Chimneys and exhaust fans also act as smoke ventilators in our kitchen in our day to day lives.